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  1. What are your thoughts on this cleanser? My mom bought it for me recently and I decided to give it a whirl. I have mild acne right now. (One or two active pimples, blackheads and some scarring.) I'm just looking for something to cleanse my face with. I used it today in the shower and it reminded me of Cetaphil. So, what do you think about it?
  2. Alright. So here goes. I decided to give Noxzema a try. Bad, bad idea. I broke out horribly. Switched to Cetaphil about a week ago and I've been using that, most of my acne has calmed down, except for today when I woke up, I was COMPLETELY broke out everywhere. I'm suspecting Cetaphil is the culprit. It's the only thing I've changed in my routine. SO. ANY suggestions AT ALL? I'm looking for drugstore under $15 at most because I'm broke. I was thinking Purpose or something? Liquid Neutr
  3. I know that both of these are essentially the same thing, but does one work better than the other? I've been using Cetaphil with no luck but have sensitive skin so decided to give one of these a go. Which one should I get? Thanks!
  4. So, I thought I'd share this with everybody. I've struggled with back/chest acne for YEARS. It was to the point where I was putting BP on my back every morning and night, that helped for a bit but I didn't want to be too dependent on BP. So, recently, I've had a bad flair up, I don't know where I came across this idea, but I heard something about Dial Gold soap helping with back acne. I figured, "Hey, it's only like $3 at the store, for 3 bars, if worse comes to worse, I'll just try somethin
  5. So, I need some help on choosing which one would be best for my skin. Right now what I'm doing this morning & evening. Wet face with warm water and wash with Dove Sensitive Skin bar. Pat dry. Apply Neutrogena SPF 15 oil free moisturizer in the morning and then every other night I apply Clean & Clear Dual Action Moisturizer. I was wondering though, while this has been working for me, is Dove okay to use on your face? I've heard mixed reviews, and I heard it's bad to use any kind of s
  6. Liquid Neutrogena cleanser. (I keep it around for when I run out.) Philosophy one step cleanser. Cetaphil (Debating on this one. Has a lot of hard chemicals in it.) That's about it. I'm using Dove sensitive skin bar right now, or Purpose cleanser. Depending. Purpose might make it's way in there too.
  7. The title says it all. Share away. *Mine is an egg mask.
  8. I was wondering, which one is better for acne? I've used Cetaphil before and it helped a lot with my skin, so I wanted to start that again, but my friend said I should try Purpose. I currently have both, so which is better?
  9. I didn't go to a counselor perse, I only talked to my school counselor about some things that were bothering me, including my skin at the time. It seemed to help me feel better. I remember always being really self concious at dances about my back acne and chest acne. That was never fun. I still struggle with it today, especially with the warmer months coming up. Things'll be fine! Talking about it will help. And I know what you mean about not listening to your logical side. I was that way with
  10. I had really bad acne when I first started dating my boyfriend and I was always so self concious of it. My boyfriend doesn't have the best skin ever,so that makes me feel better. However, on our first few dates, I was freaking out because I had all these random bumps and what have you, it was gross. He didn't mind though. I think if any guy/girl is shallow enough to judge you on your acne, you shouldn't even consider them anyway.
  11. Like everybody says, a beard trimmer seems to help. My boyfriend has horrible acne around his jawline/ up the side of his face when we started dating and he was actively shaving. He now likes the 'rugged' look, so he started to get a beard trimmer and that seems to have helped him a lot.
  12. I was wondering, are face washes with these chemicals bad for you? I'm currently using Purpose cleanser which has SLES in it, and on recommedation of a friend I wanted to try Cetaphil for a bit, but that has SLS & Parabens in it. I was wondering, are these bad? The Purpose cleanser has really been giving me good results so far, but I don't want to use it if the SLES is bad for your skin. If it is, I also have some LIquid Neutrogena which does not contain these ingredients. Ideas?
  13. So, I just recently started getting these little white heads on my nose. I started a new cleanser, and overall, it seems to be working, but I never break out on my nose. Blackheads, yes, but I exfoliate for those and they are fine, but there are now these tiny white heads/sometimes red bumps on my pores. What are they and how can I get rid of them? I tried to pop one once, and it acted like a normal pimple without as much pus.
  14. I don't use antibacterial hand soap anymore. I don't belive it's good for you since it kills off all the germs. I use Method handsoap in my bathroom.
  15. I was wondering, could somebody give me a good moisturizer to use? I'm using Liquid Neutrogena as my cleanser, I just started this and I really like it. I also use St. Ives apricot scrub in the shower every few days. (3 days a week roughly) and now i just need a moisturizer. My experiences with moisturizer haven't been good. For a while I was using Hope in a Jar but that just made me oily and by the end of hte day I wanted it off. I also tried the Aveeno clear complexion one with SPF 15. That