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  1. DAIRY is a thing of the past for me mostly,yes.... only drink soymilk, only eat yogurt after a bad stomach flu, and I MISS CHEESE oh so much..LOL and since ive stopped the dairy ive seen a BIG drop in number of cysts... and an even BIGGER inprovement of my overall skin appearance, feeling, oiliness since ive started WINGEDSERPENTS juice program..and note that i havent been taking the vitamins because i cant find the b-5 anywhere,, ive got the acetyl-l-carnitine but havent taken them because i
  2. 26 years old...started getting mild/normal acne around 17...very gradually over time it spread and worsened into cystic acne on my cheeks,temples,chin,jawline, and forehead....i have very oily skin, but also dry and red patches by my mouth and my eyebrows....but anyways,,ive been getting very concerned lately because its been getting worse(cysts developing deeper in the skin and taking 2-3 weeks from the moment of that pinpoint tingling that starts before it even shows any sign of redness all th