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  1. Time for a check-in. It's been about 3 weeks and I just wanted you all to see my face. Not that much improvement. I guess I'm getting somewhere. I've been following the fiber regimen still, so it looks like: morning: x6 psyllium fiber husk pills x2 saw palmetto 2% salicylic face wash 10% bp cream for 10 mins. and then wash off clindamycin gel moisturizer night: x2 saw palmetto pills x1 Apri bc pill -face wash -bp for 10 mins -clindamycin -moisturizer -green tea paste left on ov
  2. So, I've been on that Fiber regimend for about a week and a half-two weeks. I have to say, it's doing its job of pushing all the impurities to the surface. I have the worst breakout along my cheeks, but it's healing. I've taken up one members' advice on taking Saw Palmetto, but I'm not sure if it's working. I take about four a day (two in the morning, two at night) along with the six fiber a day. I've also taken to putting a green tea powder paste on the problem areas, Acne seems to have flared
  3. I really appreciate every responding to me It seems that taking probiotics is the most common advice, as well as cutting out soda and coffee. I can give it a shot to see if any changes occur, since it seems to have helped most people. I got an appointment with my doctor to see if I cam switch birth controls, because the current one I'm on is not as effective Yaz (I feel like). I've been on this one for one and a half years, and Yaz did more for me in less time. From what Chris1337 said abou
  4. I've had terrible acne sine I was 14. I've been through antibiotics, topicals, and just about any natural remedy. Anyways, this winter I got a TERRIBLE cystic breakout and have been searching for an answer. Then I stumbled upon this. It's been three days, but my skin looks better already. I can only imagine what it'll look like in two weeks! Thanks to minocycline, my face already has tried to purge itself of impurities, so this regimen is drawing out the rest and clearing up what was there
  5. Morning: use warm water and use African Black Soap I got from Whole Foods. pat face dry with towel apply ACV, then Tazorac cream, then aloe vera gel Use eucerin (my face is REALLY dry) and then apply a facial lotion that's around Take Minocycline before I eat/after I eat Night: -Same as morning in the middle of the day, though, I can go crazy with face masks. Which often means I wash my face 3+ times. I use the egg white face mask, a baking soda face mask, avocado face mask, a sugar+honey+olive
  6. Hey guys, so, I've been lurking around here often but have FINALLY signed up. I need to know what I'm doing wrong, or what may be the cause of this terrible cystic breakout. Now, for a background story... Since I was around 14 I've had awful acne. Cysts, nodules, whiteheads, you name it (minus blackheads for some odd reason... hahah). I was put on tetracycline and tazorac and after about two months it worked wonders on my skin. I was clear and could walk out of the house without embarassment and