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  1. The other week -- at the derm's office -- the doc mentioned "B-Lift" which helps acne, futrue acne, and acne red marks. Has anyone here had any experience with this? Let me know. Thanks
  2. OK -- my appt. is thursday. if anyone has any suggestions -- it would be most appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Acnepiglet -- What the heck are you talking about?? Not cool.
  4. I have another derm appointment coming up -- and I am going to ask my derm for a new perscription fash wash. I am currently using Plexion wash and mask in the morning -- cetaphil at night. Can anyone recommend a perscription fash wash that they have found helpful so that I can investagate it and ask my derm if it would be right for me. Thank you.
  5. Mandala and Mouse -- I just found myself in the same situation as you two. I started Retin-A Micro -- about two weeks ago. Started off with some oil -- then a new breakout -- then the dry/flaky stage. And now -- about three weeks into the treatment -- I had a new breakout. But my skin had been looking so good!! I have two medium size pimples on one cheek and one on the other cheek -- and the the red marks from pimples from the first onset of this adult acne. Makes me upset -- any advice,
  6. Dear Warrior, Well -- when I first had my sudden onset of adult acne -- I had about 5 -6 pimples on EACH side of my face -- no place else -- just my cheeks. Before that -- I would only have one small pimple about every 2 - 3 months. Nothing bad. With the first regime I was on -- the acne cleared up a lot (after the initial breakout of 3 to 4 new pimples). One of the reasons my derm gave me retin-a micro was because of the red marks and three new pimples (cause: stress from work). With the
  7. I am also 25 years old -- and last october -- I found myself with a sudden onset of adult acne. The dermatologist gave me a perscribtion to Adoxa (from the doxycycline family), along with that I use the Plexion fash wash in the morning and after that -- the Plexion SCT face mask (which dries everything out. At night -- wash with Cethaphil -- and then use Avita -- which is a weaker version of Retin-A Micro. Maybe you should try Avita first -- I found the "first break-out" to not be as severe a
  8. I was once perscribed minocycline (which I believe is in the same family of antibiotics as minocin). I had to stop taking it because it made me horribly dizzy -- I felt horrible. Then again -- I have heard from other people who have taken this antibiotic and had no side affects and it helped clear up their acne. I think that all antibiotics do decrease the effectivness of birth control pills -- you should definately check with you doctor about that. One other thing -- if Minocin does not wo
  9. Just wanted some feedback from those in the same situation as I am in. My derm switched me from Avita to Retin-a micro (low dose). And she told me to use retin-a every other day. Well, she also told me to use avita every other day (when I first started) -- anyway -- I really did not hear her say that, so I used Avita every day -- Well, my question is -- is retin-a micro really that much stronger?? Should I really not use it every day? And what should I expect with Retin-a?? I have had a bre
  10. Thanks for the reply!! Good to know. As for the mask I wrote about -- my derm prescribed it to me during my first appt. I use it after the plexion cleanser, when my face is still wet -- leave it on for 10 min. or uuntil dry. Best thing is -- it really, really controls oil for 4 to 6 hours. It is called Plexion SCT (sodium sulfacetmide 10% and sulfur 5%). The maker is Medicis -- the dermatology Company. Good luck.
  11. Well -- I went to my derm in Oct. 2002 for a sudden onset of adult acne -- only on my cheeks -- especially -- my right cheek. After one appointment with a horrible derm who kept telling me that I was attractive, regardless of the acne (how unprofessional!!) I found a well -recommended dr. She put me on Plexion Cleanser and the Plexion mask (which is great!!) in the morning, Adoxa (antibiotics) and Avita (at night). This regime was going well -- and she said that she wanted to do N-lite to g