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  1. I don't think there's a drug that treats both acne and redness, but I had this ' laser blood vessel reduction' procedure done that was relatively easy, and it helped my redness a ton.
  2. I'm just finishing my second course of accutane. I've been on 40mg for 5 months. It had been going really well, but recently, in the last two weeks of my treatment, I've started getting pimples. Nothing major, just small red ones that go away in a day or two. Should I be worried? I'm thinking this means my acne will come back once im done tane...
  3. I think I have the same thing as you. It's not excema or anything, just redish bumps acne. I tried moisturixing it, and that didn't help. I guess we'll just hope it goes away on its own?
  4. I ad the same problem, almost with the sam numbers. I stopped eating so much dairy, and started eating a ton of fibre. That was really the key for me. FIBRE. Whole grain breads, prunes. All that. If you just want to trick the blood test, eat nothing but vegetables two days before you go. It'll drop by 15%.
  5. My doc says my choelsterol is too high, and it keeps rising. Any tips on how to bring my choel. down?
  6. I don't think it matters when you take it. It is, however, a wise choice to take it after eating a 'fatty' meal. I take mine in the morning after my cereal, which seems to work great, so I'm guessing as little as some 1% milk is fatty enough.
  7. Are you still breaking out currently? If not, it's probably safe to switch. I'd make sure that the new products are oil free and hypo-allergenic, however.
  8. That is odd. Time to up dosage, perhaps? Ask your derm.
  9. My first time of Tane, I didn't start clearing until month 3. Im on my second time, and at about one month and a half, and almost clear. My tip to seeing imporvement is not to trust the mirror, but your own hands. You'll still have redmarks (probably), but you'll be able to feel how smooth and flat your skin is when you wash. I would reccomend you stop using retin-A.
  10. I got my initial breakout around my jaw, which i odd becasue I never break out there, so I'm glad to hear it can happen. I'm about 5 weeks in, and the initial breakout has subsided a fair bit. Redmarks remain, but hey, better than active acne! Good luck!
  11. The part where the lesbo cop tells the dude about her hand gave me chills, but I love movies with over-the-top characters and rich story like this.
  12. Good thread. I think excerise/working out is the best way to forget your problems. It's hard to be concerned with acne when you're lungs are on fire, or your muscles are burning on your last set.
  13. Yeah, just stick with taking your 40mg a day. I'm on the same dose as you, and had my int. outbreak about two weeks ago. I've got some pretty huge zits all along my jawline. My left side seems to be getting better now, but the right side is still really broken out. Keep me updated on your progress.
  14. I've been on 40 for a month now. First two weeks were 20. When I moved up to 40, I started breaking out around my jaw and chin. Still hasn't subsided.