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  1. So here is the thing, I'm a boy and since i hit 15, acne began to apeared on my face , my life suddently took a turn for worse , I don't want to go out anymore , don't want to do anything and then i went to a local skin spa that used extractions and other creams which help me cleared up but for about 3 or 4 months , it came back again , which is where i'm now , I went to the doctor about 2 months ago and he prescribed me with Differin and Doxycyline (100mg)for 2 months , after 2 months i came ba
  2. Okay guys, here is the deal, i've been suffering from ( quite mild near moderate ) acne for a long time, Doctor gave me Doxycyline ( 100mg ) along with differin 0.1 gel for 2months , i am on my 5 weeks right now and there're no really sign of it stop poping up , in 3 weeks time i'll see the doctor again to check the progress , i've been like this for nearly 1 years now and although it is quite mild and i don't have any scares and differin + doxycyline doesn't work for me, should i take accutane
  3. it is still not servere so if i were u , i would do accutane while it is still moderate
  4. @cuppajoe , i wish you will get cleared up soon - i'm with differin gel 0.1 too ( along with doxycyline ) and nearly 3 weeks after the treatment , my chin is finally cleared up , i only has 3 or 4 active around my face which is not that bad and hopefully it will get better soon , ( i'm on 2 months course )
  5. My doctor ( french man ) precribed me with differin and doxycyciline ,my chin is finally cleared up just like your but i only about nearly 3 week after begin the treatment to fully cleared my face , good luck to you btw , what a vastly magnifique improvement!!!
  6. as far as i know . you should apply triacneal before u sleep to have the best effect . skin rejunvenate at night and the glycolic acid and retinol from the triacneal with help u exfoliate and have a better skin . in long term it it will also help prevent break outs and zits because glycolic acid loosen up the pores . so the best way to put it is use it at night only . it will help u burn your skin out because it is very sun-attracting with applied
  7. Oh since you tell me washing 4 times a day with a cleanser is too much , i changed my routine and now i only wash my face with a cleanser in the morning and before bed . my face feel much more flexible but i am still wondering that is it okay if i still let the water run through my face when taking a shower like after school and after exercise ( just light warm water + nothing eles )
  8. thanks so much guys , ill try to take more rest instead of play games all day .
  9. Am: usually a bowl of rice and ribs Lunch : Rices with meat or sometime vegetables ( depend on my school menu ) PM : Rice again with eggs or meat Before dinner , i always jog for like 30 minutes to burn about 200 calories to help with my sleep i know i have lots of rice in my diet . it is very hard to change because vietnamese eat rice mostly . should i take accutane guys ?
  10. where can you get accutane such as in Vietnam +.=, ><
  11. Hi everybody . i am 16 currently and ill be 17 in 7 months from now . i started to have acne when i first reach 15 . it last about 5 or 6 months and it was like the deepest part in 7 hell . then with treatment with the derm and it finally gone for like 3 or 4 months. my skin became totally smooth and white with only one spot now and then . but suddenly about 2 weeks after summer . it went back again and this time it keep on getting worse again , the problems is I only get it on my right cheek an