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  1. I know how you feel. Having all these problems and not being able to talk to anyone and when you try to the other person doesn't take you seriously. I can't talk to my parents cause they barely understand english and my brother doesn't care about my problems. Acne and school are driving me crazy. I have like 2 projects due, an essay and of course acne. Someitmes I can't really focus in class because sometimes people stare at me like I'm some sort of freak and then I fall behind in that class. As
  2. I always pull the " I'm not hungry" or " I already ate" excuse. My friends always want to stop by Mcdonalds so I know how you feel. Some of my friends think I'm aneroxic because they don't see me eat with them. But I don't really care cause fast food just isn't good for you.
  3. I'm also looking for a sunscreen for sensitive skin and that doesn't turn my skin white. Also you know how on the bottle or packaging on the sunscreen says "apply 15-30 minutes before sun expose." What happens if you expose yourself before 15 minutes cause one of my friends says you have to reapply because the expose dries it out and another friend says you'll just be unprotected till the sunscreen is absorbed. Which one is it?
  4. Marks fade differently for everyone. You should stop using that Dial soap on your face. I'm pretty sure that kind of soap can be very drying to the skin which isn't good.
  5. I would say it is the hot shower. Just try to go for warm showers which I know can be hard and a bit uncomfortable at the start but you'll get used to it. Remember to moisturize after a shower.
  6. This reminds me of when my mom thought I was smoking when she thought the dust on the floor were ashes.
  7. I agree with the post above me. Too much fruit can cause acne especially if its sugary fruit too. Maybe your acne is hormonal?
  8. Thanks for your feedback. My mom recently made me switch from towel drying to cloths to reduce laundry. The cloths don't fully dry my skin which kind of worried me.
  9. So I was wondering if anyone here has tried air drying their face after washing instead of using a towel. How were the results and did it reduce redness and irritation?
  10. Also try putting that on your note for why you were away, " My son/daughter missed school because he/she was sad about her acne. Please excuse him/her."
  11. Just dont rest your face on the pillow when you sleep. I just move down a bit so that my face isnt on the pillow even if I'm on my side.
  12. Lol. Join the club. I've only skipped one class because I slept in xD. I've never done it on purpose though and besides does the schools really except us to go to school us to wake up at like 7 everyday.
  13. I see. Thanks for your help. Also how are your results going with the HP?
  14. Just wondering which brand your using. Also what does it say on the ingredients cause I have some but it has a few other things in it.