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  1. Even though I have a mild case of acne, I still get about a pimple or two a week, and combined with vinegar or another topical, I find that toothpaste can be VERY effective in speeding up the drying process of a pimple that's already healing. You know the type, whether you popped it, or if it's healing on it's own, it still just sits there on your face, not even dry enough to be a scab. Try putting a tiny bit of toothpaste on the spot, but it can be very drying so be careful. -witness
  2. <<You need to shave though lol jokes>> I know right? Haha, I figured, hell...if I'm gonna post my acne online, it's not like I'm posing for the most flattering of pictures. Anyway thanks Mr. Keys, my dumb ass derm (for some reason they always make me see the newbie straight out of college) doesn't know what they are and prescribes things that make me so red it looks like I was gang beaten by brick bats. I no longer go to her. As for anyone I may have offended, (besides Ki
  3. <<k give m e a fuken break, thats not acne that like pussy hormones, don't complain about the pussy shit.>> Hey, what a really great posting name for someone who acts just like a kid. Check it out kid, just because someone has a better condition than YOU, doesn't mean that it's "good" or in your method of displaying your full grip on adjectives "pussy-shit". I'm sorry some girl broke your heart because you look like shit, take it out on her, or ask her friend out. Don't be a bitch
  4. Alright, I'll give that a shot. Anyone else? Any other ideas I should try? I'm really just trying to prevent any serious scarring at this point.
  5. I figure I should mention that I currently use Vinegar and Duac cream. Previously I have used antibiotics, Duac and something else, that I forgot. My acne isn't very bad. Also, the extreme redness featured here, faded within about 20 minutes, I think it was just the vinegar. Below my lip you'll see the VERY red irritated spot, that's really all that is, healing bumps, that happen to be very irritated. -witness
  6. Alright, so I'm really not all that sure about what the odd collection of bumps I have are exactly. But today was a pretty bad day, in fact one of the worst looking days I've had in a while, (Had acne for 2 years now) and I really surprised by the way that Vinegar almost highlighted my pimples and spots. So I took pictures.... Now, you'll see I have some scarring, and mild spots, mainly redmarks. What I couldn't seem to capture were these things that look like whiteheads, under my skin. I'm jus
  7. Well so far I've been on the vinegar thing for a few days. I just recently changed from white to ACV. However, even though I have mild acne, I'm still getting breakouts. They look like REALLY tiny whiteheads that you might get from shaving or something like that. (Maybe they are from shaving?) Anyway, it does a good job, but for some reason, I'm still experiencing these minor breakouts. I also noticed that ACV doesn't feel as strong as the white vinegar did, and doesn't seem to leave my face red
  8. I'm not sure how many of you have actually managed to overcome your acne that still post here. But if you read this, I'm VERY close to ridding myself completely of acne. I have a few questions... 1. I've always had mild acne, however, it seems to thrive in the fall/winter months and go away in the spring/summer. Is this normal? 2. I used to use Duac and recently stopped. Now I only use the vinegar method. It seems my temples and neck have more sensitive skin than other places. Is this com
  9. It's this simple. This dude was obviously shut down for some reason by some chick. And yes, women can suck. However, men rarely bitch about women as much as women bitch about men. In fact, it's almost common place in society to bitch about men. So, yeah, this kid is being melodramatic and ridiculous, but cut him a break. I agree that this is no different than the moaning sessions that frequent the Emo Acne board, it's only on a different topic. Hell, it might BE on topic. Y'all should be fla