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  1. saw my derm today---can't start accutane til the 19th :(

    1. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      I stopped using that moisturizer, it had a little more than just jojoba in it and it was super thick!! I'm thinking I'll stick with with Cerva and add just the jojoba with it.... I actually found some natural products yesterday by Neutrogena. They don't burn at all, so I'm liking that. Im on the pratima site right now, i just want to buy the whole damn store. AHHH. look what you've done!
    2. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      @liana02 hey thanks so much for responding, I really appreciate it, I felt like i've said that a lot on this site but REALLY Thank you. So you are saying towards the 4th and 5th months how long were you on it total??
    3. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      @y3rfd0g Thank you so much! This site is amazing, i am so happy i decided to post on here. I am really liking the Pratima's that you recommended; i'm going to order some. let me know if you do get that oil product from them and how it works! I don't want to put any alcohol on my face... just from this new little regimen i've been using my skin is SO sensitive, i look sun burnt but I am finally starting to heal from this last breakout, even though Zitzilla decided to appear on my forehead
    4. TiffanyC

      Is This A Bad Regimen?

      thank you so much, going to get some cetaphil today and look for natural products; I've heard alot of good things about the cetaphil; I really appreciate all the advice. I'll keep updates coming
    5. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      thank you so much @inga, I really appreciate your input. its deff good hearing about it as much as i can, kind of calming my nervs as much as i can before i start on it. I'll stick to my regimen right now, trying to clear this recent breakout which i am assuming is from starting this regimen.... I am seriously hoping and praying that i don't get a huge initial breakout when i start the accutane treatment... what kind of cleansor and BP , mositurizer are you using right now?
    6. TiffanyC

      Is This A Bad Regimen?

      @Gia1 hey thanks for suggesting that! I did check it out! Def. a lot a lot to take in... I am in the health field, i'm a personal trainer and working on becoming a nutrionist. My concerns with this diet is that, i literally would struggle with the cleanse, I workout constantly and need all the energy i can get- I attempted a close version of that cleanse before and felt like I was going to pass out constantly haha BUT the fact that you have had success is really interesting to me. I eat prett
    7. TiffanyC

      Is This A Bad Regimen?

      @jjballer22 Thank you for taking time to reply I have heard the cetaphil is a good product, although I am a little hesitant to switch products right now with starting the accutane really soon. did you use it while you were on accutane?? I totally did the same thing you did, like a dumbass stopped using the retin-a the first time I got it a year or so ago... ahh kicking myself for that still. ...& thanks for the cute comment
    8. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      First off, this is not to long- I appreciate every line you took time out of your day to write, seriously. so THANK YOU. where can I get Pratima? I will give that a shot. Also, did you like the dove cleanser? Honestly i appreciate the advice, i'll take any and you may think you sound like a broken record but i'm soaking it up because I want to be prepared. Did you have any of the crazy side effects that some get? like the joint pain etc. my mom has been really really lecturing me a
    9. 1. Neutrogena Fresh Foaming Cleanser 2. Retin-A-Micro (from my dermatologist) 3. CeraVe moisturizing lostion & Gold bond ultimate healing skin therapy cream because it contains aloe and the jojoba Just wondering if this is a bad regimen... i've been doing this for about a week... having the intial breakout, red face, and super dry skin ... starting accutane dec. 5.... last resort option... my skin isn't incredibly terrible, in fact this is probably the worst its been the last two
    10. TiffanyC

      Before I Start Accutane---Need Advice...

      I don't even know what you could call my acne, my derm just says "you have adult womanhood ance" ;( wow, that is so crazy about your hair, I don't even condition mine now because it is so thin and gets oily easy. and I've never taken birth control prior to this... so hopefully it'll help too while i'm on the accutane and keep the breakout to a super minimum. my derm said all his women patients had tremendous results, including his wife who was on it for 3 months and hasn't had a pimple sinc
    11. TiffanyC

      Me a year ago/today

      picture from august and december last year. and today.
    12. TiffanyC

      173- 193 .... Last Day

      Congrats!!! I've been reading your blog and its giving me hope! I'm scheduled to start accutane december 5th!
    13. Well, i'm 23- ill be done with school in about two months. Im in school to be a nutrionist/personal trainer. and having good skin would be pretty ideal in this profession. but... thats not the case for me right now. I've struggled with acne since I can remember, some months better then others. I've tried so many things I can't even remember the names of them all. Antibiotics, topical solutions, cleansers, etc. I've been seeing my dermatologist for two years and we finally both agreed to