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  1. Changing my diet helped my acne tremendously!

    It was not easy in the beginning...many bumps and lots of frustrations!! I didn’t think something as simple as my diet would heal my skin or was the cause to 100% of my break-outs. Your organs require organic (naturally occurring) vitamins, minerals, and other nutrients to function well.

    The link in my siggy takes you to my "healing journey"...shows before and after and everything in between wub.png

  2. I consume natural sugars and my skin does not seem to mind....

    Maple Syrup- I go for Grade B or C since they are less refined than Grade A

    Agave- I stay away from the ones they carry in the supermarkets cause they tend to be crap. Instead I use http://www.volcanicnectar.com/ or http://www.ultimatesuperfoods.com/

    Honey- Raw unrefined honey is best...Raw Manuka honey is great for internal and external use

    Stevia- I stay away from the white refined stevia...Id might as well use regular white sugar. Instead I go for the whole herb which is not found with the other sugars, since it is considered a herb. Raw stevia is a deep green color. http://www.navitasnaturals.com/products/stevia/stevia-powder.html

    I use natural sweeteners in my raw desserts. Fruit is enough sweetness for me....most days! shifty.gif

  3. I'd thought ginger was good for acne, it's a very very powerful anti-inflammatory (regardless of being a root). Also some people cite bananas, pineapples and citrus as foods that break them out. Drink tea, tea and more tea. By tea I mean green (decaffeinated of course), white, oolong, roobios, mint, chamomile, and dandelion, all drunk straight up with no sweetener. Dandelion leaf tea helps me more than any other, it's a diuretic, so it helps eliminate toxins. It tastes gross, but when I drink 2 cups a day my active acne starts to feel drier and much less angry.

    I tried out an acne diet, and it helped, but not as much as I'd hoped. Spirulina and chlorella daily helped more than the diet, I'm still working on doing both together and getting closer to clear skin.

    Yes!! Dandelion is wonderful at assisting the liver to eliminate toxins..so is Milk Thistle Seed. Another great tea is Senna leaf because it helps cleanse the colon....but gives horrible cramps when taken alone, so it’s better to drink chamomile and ginger tea with it. Any "acne diet" should consist of foods and herbs that help repair the elimination organs: liver, colon, lungs, kidneys, and skin...and avoid foods that tax those organs...like synthetic supplements, animal products, coffee, soda, refined sugars and grains, processed foods, and alcohol.

    A balanced diet of fresh veggies and fruits, raw seeds and nuts, gluten free grains, herbal teas, herbs, and water help restore the body back to normal. When I first changed my diet I thought certain healthy foods would break me out...yes and no...they have a healing effect on the body causing your organs (mainly liver) to dump off toxins. If your main channel of elimination (colon) is clogged/backed-up then the toxins will try to escape from the largest elimination organ (skin) and the "secondary" channel of elimination (kidneys/bladder).


    So I vote for a vegan diet with no soy.

  4. Awww...gosh (*big hug*) I totally understand where you are coming from!! I hated to see ppl with Pristine skin eating french fries, chips, drinkin soda....while im eating a salad, fresh fruit and veggies...thinking "why me!!" But now that I look back...im glad for the pimples, cause they made me take a deeper look at my health and I learned what true health and wellness was all about. If you listen to your pimples, then you can uncover many unbalances within the body. Soo many ppl think just cause they look good they are healthy...and bam! dis-ease "sneaks" up on them.

    Diet change absolutely works!!! It did for me. My acne was do to poor diet (which I though was healthy as well) AND hormonal (due to an abortion cry.gif ) I was soo toxic....and didnt even know it! Over the course of 2 yrs (acne got much better within a yr) I changed my diet and I NEVER have to worry about monster pimples these days . finallynomoreacne.com is everything i did to improve my skin and my life!

  5. I had the same problem when I became a Vegan. I was already small as well and lost 15 lbs. My acne was awful and the healthy food jus seemed to make it worse. I was avoiding just about everything because I thought it was "breaking me out"...and just ate the same things every single day!! The main thing I avoided was soy....which was very hard as a new Vegan..lol. But after much reading on natural healing...I started to do cleanses...blood, liver, colon..the works...that’s how I became Vegan. I learned that going from one extreme (eating whatever) to the other (cutting out everything) was not going to heal my skin or make me happy. Balance is key. One major reason for break outs is toxic build up in the body.

    These are great articles to read....



    Sorry...Ill stop with all the vegan stuff! Dont wanna be pushy surprised.gif When done right, it can really do wonders!! But, to answer your question:

    I gained my weight back by eating pasta (gluten free), avocados, and nuts (oil roasted and raw). These will help too: oils (olive and hemp) in salads, quinoa, cashew ice cream, potatoes (although too much starch will make you stiff), karela (moringa seed), hemp protein powder, and amaranth. Also, taking digestive enzymes (papain and bromelain) really helped my body break down things I couldn’t on my own, so I was able to incorporate many of the items I banned back into my diet.

    Good luck with the weight gain! hifive.gif

  6. I used to have problems with almonds...every time I ate them I broke out...a lot. I used to have really bad acne...cystic, whiteheads, and blackheads...the works! You know, those huge nasty pimples that never came to surface (cowards!) and took WEEKS to go away..ugh they are the worst and hurt like crap! After detoxing my body with herbs and whole foods (mainly in raw form) I can eat them with no problem! Yippee. I mainly focused on cleansing my liver and colon.