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  1. MillyBexley

    Tto + Bha?

    Hello! I also use Paula's Choice for my acne (now gone!). Have you heard of the Cosmetics Cop? It's a website by Paula Begoun (from Paula's Choice) and has SO much info on skin care. Read about witch hazel here: http://www.cosmeticscop.com/cosmetic-ingredient-dictionary/definition/1602/witch-hazel.aspx Apparently it's a no no for skin...perhaps I would suggest sticking to BHA treatment? Milly x
  2. Hi! Found this list of irritants - so long as almond oil isn't on there I should think it would be safe to swap http://www.cosmeticscop.com/cosmetic-ingredient-dictionary/category/10/irritants/asc/a Milly
  3. Hi! I can't recommend Paula's Choice products highly enough. I used the CLEAR range, which has since cleared my acne, and reckon this cleanser might be a good one for you to start with: http://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/clear-normalizing-cleanser-1.html Milly x
  4. This sounds truly awful, I hope I can help! I am an avid user of Paula's Choice products, which if you haven't tried - you should. The CLEAR range is amazing, and some products are specifically for severe acne. More importantly though, Paula is a skin care EXPERT, particularly when it comes to acne, and she has great advice to help you make any future decisions on treatment, medical or not. I found her website so useful, when my skin problems first arose. This is all about cystic acn
  5. Hello! I use a lot of Paula's Choice products to keep my skin clear, and their AHA products are AMAZING. I personally use this AHA gel: http://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/exfoliating-2-beta-hydroxy-acid-liquid.html which gets rid of all my redness and reduces the scars. They have different strengths to suit every skin type, and lots of info on their site for what to use to treat specific problems. Hope this helps Milly
  6. Hi Will! I use Paula's Choice products all the time, and I was shocked to see you found postage to be that much! I think postage prices have been updated, it now costs only £4.95 to post to the UK. How are you finding the products? I absolutely adore Paula's Choice, especially their CLEAR range ( http://www.paulaschoice.co.uk/shop/skin-care/clear ) - it cured my adult acne. Milly
  7. Hey guys, I just joined this forum so firstly, hello! Up until a few months ago I've suffered with red raw acne on my cheeks and jawline. I'm no longer a teenager (by a long shot!) so did some research and yes, I'm pretty sure I was a sufferer of adult acne. Luckily I have a wonderful friend in the states who recommended Paula's Choice to me, as she's been using their products for a long while to treat blackheads and the occasional breakout. At first I was a bit cynical about it all