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  1. Im Loving it!!! I was constantly always having to blot my face during the day..and I would have to wash my hair every day bc of how greasy it was! Making progress! sooo happy
  2. Destinylynn89


    Ive been going through the same thing, I start crying for no reason, and feel so upset at just life! Try to just remember it is the acutane affecting you..and your not crazy Even though the side effects suck..its the price we all pay for clear skin again..We will get through it
  3. I know exactly how you feel taking that first pill feels amazing! remember it is going to get worse before it gets better.. when it does start clearing up you will notice a HUGE difference. Im on my 3rd week and my forehead has gone from being covered fully in acne to one small pimple left...
  4. The second week of Acutane has been good... some pimples are still coming out but I can already see a difference in my pores..and a decrease in oil in my skin. My skin has ALWAYS been sooooo greasy, thats deffinetley another thing I am looking forward too. Acutane is suppose to help with greasy skin as well as greasy hair which is a deffinite PLUS The second week I started experiencing the terrible dry lips, its easy to take care of though, just make sure you ALWAYS have chapstick on hand. You
  5. During the first week of my Acutane I was soooooooo excited to start..I was aware of the initial breakout that was going to happen. Which it did, all of the pimples that were stuck inside came out, and I was perfectly fine with that! It deffinetley gets worse before it gets better, so be prepared and just know that it will be one of the LAST TIMES you will breakout During the first week be patient, be excited.. keep in mind that this is helping you to clear your face as well as prevent acne! MA
  6. Hello Everyone! My name is Destiny and I am 22 years old. I am a model and a dancer. In my case acne is even harder to deal with..because im in the limelight and in front of the camera. I have even battled depression from Acne. Acne can seriously be something that can ruin your life, you don't feel yourself, you don't want to hang out with friends or take pictures, it ruins your confidence, just about ruins everything! I have been suffering with bad skin since the 6th grade. It started out on