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  1. I'm late to this post, but -- if Mino was previously working well for you and now you're getting flare-ups, and it's been over a year that you've been taking it, it's likely that you're starting to become immune. I generally became immune to those drugs after a year and a few months. The great thing about Bactrim is that it works FAST -- or at least it did for me. I remember going to the dermatologist completely deflated and upset at the state of my broken out skin, being prescribed Bactrim, tak
  2. Hi all, I just started taking Spiro about a week ago. So far I can already tell it's helping control the oil production on my face, which is such a blessing. However, the past few nights I've suddenly had difficulty sleeping -- or staying asleep. I've become kind of restless, falling asleep and then waking several times throughout the night. This is not extremely unusual for me, because I'm a light and sensitive sleeper as it is, but it's been much more pronounced than usual. It's possi
  3. Acne has definitely gotten in the way of many of my relationships before, sadly. Twice in my life I've been entering or in the middle of a relationship while also dealing with a horrible breakout (both times as a result of antibiotics losing their effect)... and my self-esteem was so low, and my fear of getting even more acne so strong, that I pushed myself away from the other person completely. Even now, when my acne is finally starting to clear up thanks to Spiro & Bactrim (just starte
  4. Cujo, was Bactrim the first antibiotic you were ever prescribed? Generally it's kind of the "big guns" derms seem to wait and use once other antibiotics don't work or stop working. I've been on Bactrim for 4 months and it's working pretty well, though I'm hoping to switch to something that's not an antibiotic in the near future. In your case, I'd recommend minocycline, doxycycline or erythromycin. At this point, after taking antibiotics for so long, I kind of hate recommending them to othe
  5. Did doxy help clear you previously? I've been on doxy before as well as erythromycin, and while I saw results sooner with doxy, the erthyromycin did clear me in time as well. With erythromycin, I remember not seeing any real initial clearing for 2-3 months, and I remember thinking that it didn't really work its best (i.e. I could eat sweets all day and go to sleep without washing my face, if I wanted) until about 6 months in. If you're OK with staying on the antibiotic, I would give it more
  6. Thanks for the responses My acne is definitely more moderate, not cystic, and always centered around my mouth, jawline and occasionally neck. I think in the past 25 years I've had a serious pimple on my forehead maybe three or four times, and only occasionally get them on my cheek or nose. Going to start taking Spiro tomorrow and am hoping there's no IB and that this turns out to be a long-term solution. Nothing would make me happier than giving up antibiotics for good...
  7. Quick update -- actually saw my derm today and she put me on 50mg once a day. I keep hearing that most women don't see results at anything less than 100mg, but I'm fairly small -- 5'4 and about 104lbs -- so I'm wondering if 50mg sounds about right for someone my size?
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new to posting on these boards, though I've been reading them for years and consistently refer back to them when considering new acne treatments. I've dealt with acne since early high school. Unfortunately, the first dermatologist I ever visited prescribed me antibiotics (along with a topical, all of which have been fairly ineffective over the years), which I've been relying on now, on and off, for years. I'm now almost 26. Recently a new dermatologist I started seeing s