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  1. Tip: Don't get it in your hair...crap refuses to come out! Anyway, TTO works pretty well for me, and sometimes even helps with cysts! I also personally find it to be very moisturizing for my skin. My skin becomes easily tolerant to it though. Good luck, hope it works as well for you!
  2. So, currently I'm on Gianvi which is supposed to be a generic Yaz...my insurance tends to switch to whatever generic they please....EVERY MONTH. So then, I'm stuck with three months supply of birth control, almost every month, that will switch by the next time I pick up my 3 mo. worth of birth control. UGH. (P.S. My next brand will be Loryna? WTF is LORYNA?) Anyway, to the questions... 1) Could all this brand hopping be affecting my skin and weight? On Yaz (which I took the longest) my skin
  3. Okay, so I tried a little sample of the Estee Lauder Long Wear foundation (stingy sample she gave me! also not the right color...) and it broke me out really bad on the top of my left cheek and bottom of my right! ): I haven't checked out Dior yet, though...
  4. I've had teachers when I was younger try to sell/recommend stuff for my acne...hah. (Alot worked for like MaryKay on the side and such...) I've been called Pizzaface. Kids... Plenty of people used to say (strangers too) "She'd be so pretty if her skin weren't so bad and she'd lose some weight". I've been through the ringer... :/ But it seems these days...no one really picks on me for my skin. I'm sure they notice it, but no one really insults me like they used to. In fact, one of my frien
  5. I was doing great a few days after I got off my....time....and I was drinking much more water which helped alot! My skin was nice, clear, and sooo hydrated. Still drinking water...but my god...MIDTERMS. Midterm stress has caused me to break out with two small cysts (cyst-like pimples anyway...they hurt!) and plenty of white heads. I also gained weight from all this stress/did poorly on the tests. It's all over now though... drinking my water and envoking the tea tree gods whose oil shall work it
  6. Thanks! Going to check out Estee Lauder this weekend....thinking of trying out Dior too. (Anyone tried Dior cosmetics before? Price is no issue if it works!) I also will see about that Oil control lotion...as for blotting sheets, love them, but haven't used them since I've been wearing makeup...doesn't it come off? Also, I didn't know about the exchange policies! Big help!
  7. Thanks for the advice! I do wear moisturizer everyday before I put on make up, and I don't typically wear any topical medication throughout the day. I'm looking for probably medium coverage, strictly for covering the hyperpigmentation, as I have my acne under control most of the time (skin just got better over the past two days! phew.). I haven't, I'll look into that, thanks!
  8. Alright, thank you so much. Looking forward to your reply! (:
  9. Bump. Someone help, please. :/ I also wanted to add, I've tried BB creams, but I'm open to some suggestions on that matter. The color of BB creams are horrible for me, but it helped with my skin!
  10. My battle with foundation is ridiculous. I don't even want to think about all the money I've thrown away on foundation that doesn't work! I've tried everything from high end to drugstore and inbetween. Liquids, powders, creams (curse the Sephora artist to sold me cream foundation!). The only tolerable ones I've tried so far are The Balm "Balm Shell" Tinted Moisturizer and Clinique Acne solutions. Also, when I apply powder...I look cakey like crazy. I sit there buffing it out for a good 5 minutes
  11. why'd u remove ur pic? it was nice

    1. ThatGirlJenna


      Haha when I was on here earlier, I was using my phone. I guess I'll put one up. (: But thank you!

    2. ThatGirlJenna


      By using my phone, I mean using my phone messing around with my profile haha.