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  1. Oliviaspiro

    Retin A Savior

    I'm so glad I slabbed on retin a 3 times yesterday... Now the dark dead skin sloughed off... The marks are still red... But manageable! I will post a pic tomorrow or something! I'm just thankful for retin a! So all you non believers, try it!!
  2. Oliviaspiro


    I'm sure many of you know how I feel... But if I had clear skin, I'd take advantage of it like no other! Right now, it's hard to do things ESP spontaneously ESP if youre already at home... Having your treatments on your face and someone asks you to go out. Also you think about the lack of sleep you'll be getting (which causes acne too) or you can't even plan things because you don't know how bad you will breakout that day. Getting ready has become a drag. Ah we all just wish we had clear ski
  3. Oliviaspiro

    Day 23-Spiro

    Hi I read your comment and it's nice to know there is a Spiro Blogger at the moment too! Did you experience an initial breakout by any chance?
  4. Oliviaspiro


    This is how bad my skin gets after T.O.M so I wanted to show you guys pictures at how bad it can get... Usually Retin-a reduces the redness of scars but the other little scars scattered are from older breakouts (also were big when they were still new) but I have a couple of new big ones from the newest breakouts. Honestly my breakouts aren't usually this bad and the scars aren't usually this big and dark but I used tea tree oil to dry them up.. And I always regret doing that because it turns
  5. Oliviaspiro

    Day 8

    The only pimples bothering me are the humoungus ones on my lower right cheek (jaw), the one under my right eye (far to the right) and the one under my left eye ( far to the left) this cannot be an initial breakout as they started slowly forming when I first started Spiro! It's so frustrating because they're soooooo big!!!! And they hurt!!!!!!!! ESP the one on the jaw because the ones that miamly Hurt are when I get them on my cheeks, jaw, sometimes it hurts on the chin too. And usually the chin
  6. Oliviaspiro


    Around the same time last month (about a week after my period) I broke out on the right side of my face with two pimples and one on my right cheek (big pimples) and it's weird because the same thing this month... A week after my period I got them on the right side of my face as well (two big ones) and I'm Seeing a pattern here... It's because maybe it's after my period... Or because I wore makeup to sleep. Because last month there was a Halloween party (Oct 21st) and I was so drunk I fell asleep
  7. Oliviaspiro


    If anyone has had success with spiro or currently taking it, feel free to leave comments! Of encouragement of course
  8. Oliviaspiro

    First Week

    So before I started taking Spiro, I went on a weekend vacation from the 18-20 but 2 days prior to that, I was on my T.O.M. During my vacation, I was up til' the morning (and the lord knows how much I am afraid of not getting sleep b/c of breakouts) Also, I wore makeup for 3 days straight (even while sleeping/napping, which scares me too b/c of breakouts). So when I got home, all my white heads or closed comedones were more inflamed than usual, four in each cheeks, a few under left eye and tw
  9. Oliviaspiro


    So I am starting this blog because... First, I haven't seen much blogs about SPIRONOLACTONE, so no one really knows about it. Spironolactone is a potassium-sparing diuretic (water pill) that prevents your body from absorbing too much salt and keeps your potassium levels from getting too low.Spironolactone is used to diagnose or treat a condition in which you have too much aldosterone in your body. Aldosterone is a hormone produced by your adrenal glands to help regulate the salt and water b