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  1. Perfect! Just what I wanted to know. Sounds like you're in a very similar position.
  2. When I had first started out on the regimen, I only started to become dry when I was between one and two pumps of BP. Now that I was clear, yet still very dry, I decided to lower the BP amount to stop all the flakes. So I've been bringing it down more and more, so much so that I'm at less than a single pump, yet I'm still getting dryness. Sure, all my acne is gone, but it's odd because when I was starting out on the regimen I was easily doing a pump or more of BP and not getting dry. What'
  3. Hey you never know, maybe she spent years finding acne products or is even on a regimen, and wants everyone to think she doesn't have to work at it.
  4. Is it like a pill?? I had no idea it even affected anything besides the face.
  5. Yeah tell me about it.... we might as well have been taking tic tacs. Oh man, the not touching/not popping is TOUGH, I'll give you that. Best tactic I've got is just the reminder that if I do it, it's only going make it worse. I still get sucked into doing it from time to time, but if you start the habit of not doing it, you tend to stop.
  6. So i'm trying out this whole blog thing....

  7. I used to do the popping all the time too..... thankfully i've gotten way better about that And when I got those antibiotics I almost suspected they were placebos! I don't know about you but to me it seems like they do nothing at all. Good luck to you! I felt the same way about it; self-conscious and all, but at least there's the consolation that everybody on this site probably feels that way.
  8. Cleaning your face is giving you back pain?! I guess I've heard stranger things before!
  9. I've been on the regimen for a long while now, and pretty much all acne is gone. I still do the Cleanser/BP/Moisturizer dance every day. But, of course, a pretty good amount of red marks from previous acne are still there. (I'm also a white guy, so they tend to be more noticeable). I had experimented here and there with Dan's AHA+ during the regimen, and now I'm hearing a lot on this forum about how AHA can help fade red marks faster. Is this true? More specifically, does it work with that AH
  10. I've been on the regimen a pretty long time now and have moved up to the full amount of BP. But I get way way dry and flaky when I use this much. So I bumped it down and started using less BP or apply it only once a day instead of twice. But now I'm not clear anymore. (And for some reason I'm even still a little dry, which makes me even more confused). Anyone else dealing with this? Or better yet, have a solution?
  11. The regimen worked pretty well in clearing me up, but now i've got the big problem of dryness and flakes. Which of these is a better idea? : To use a bit less BP for both morning and night; Or continue doing the full amount but only at night?
  12. Do you think it would be better to do a bit less bp both morning and night, or the full amount only once a day like you're doing?
  13. How long does it take for the dry skin and flakes to go away? I've been on the regimen for like 3-4 months now and my skin is really clear; no blemishes. But the dryness and flaking still hasn't died down. Is there anything more I can do to reduce this; or will it stop eventually?
  14. How long does it take you for the moisturizer to dry? I use the 2 pumps along with some jojoba and it's not fully dry until a pretty long while...... What can I do about this?
  15. When starting off it says begin with less than half a pump of Bp. How in the world are you supposed to get that little amount over your entire face? It seems hard to get anything less than a full pump spread across.