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  1. I've had this problem since my teen years, when I developed a few on my chest. I don't remember exactly how things originated back then, but over the years, I've had several of them form on my chest, shoulders, and upper back, and the ones I remember that developed within the last several years seemed to come absent any trauma. They're not keloids (they don't grow). They form within the span of a day, there's no pain or irritation involved, and then they just sit there. Forever. Eventually
  2. Other than injection-type crap, I mean. I'm not doing that. I had gotten around a total of 2-4 hours of sleep over a 6 day span, and was awake 48+ hours at a time more than once. During this time, I noticed these lines appearing under my lower eyelids, but I thought they would go away if I was able to resume sleeping. Well, since I was able to start sleeping again, they haven't gone anywhere.
  3. I don't buy it. These scars - in my case, and I believe in other people's as well - are appearing literally overnight. Sometimes in the span of an hour or so during the day. I'll look in the mirror in the morning and nothing new is going on. Return an hour later..."WTF is that?" And "that' turns out to be a new, linear, indented scar.
  4. A lot of people on this forum have reported it, and I think the best bet we have of figuring out what the hell is causing this is to pool our acne treatment histories and diet/other possibly related choices. A lot of people on this forum have brought up "AMVC," which is supposedly "rare." Whatever it is, I think it's pretty clearly linked to acne sufferers somehow, considering the prevalence of the complaint on here (and some other acne forums as well). I'm 33 and have had acne since I w
  5. Because I think that's what happened with my skin. There were areas of my face where I rarely got acne, but because of how annoying it was on the occasions where I got a breakout there, I started applying benzoyl peroxide liberally to those areas daily. In past years, I would every now and then get the urge to stop using benzoyl peroxide and see what happened. And in those times, my acne would eventually become absolutely unbearable. For instance, I used to only occasionally get acne aro
  6. You know, I think you may be right. I'm guessing that the really dry air here for the cold winter (I also wake up with a shitload of painful boogers every morning, lol) is causing my collagen to rip apart somehow. The reason I say this is the recent arrangement of the newest ones...where they seem almost vertically aligned in a way, almost like stretch marks.
  7. Yeah, I would think the same thing...but something utterly bizarre is happening. Again, I suspect an autoimmune disease like lupus is responsible. I have other symptoms I haven't even mentioned: I also have faint brown macules appearing - sometimes within an hour - around my nose/eyes. In the last few months, I have had an outbreak of what look like sebaceous hyperplasia on my forehand (and a few on my cheeks/temples, and possibly my nose). I'm only 33, so too young to get those. And ba
  8. Nope. Nope. I guess I have to make peace with the fact that I'm going to look like a burn victim soon. I'm probably going to die soon as well.
  9. Over the last few days, I have seen the, appearing out of nowhere in the span of literally under an hour. Today, I went to the supermarket, returned, and had SEVERAL on one of my cheeks, arranged sort of in a row vertically, almost like stretch marks. It's like the collagen is just magically disappearing into thin air on parts of my face. WTF is this crap? I have searched all over and can't find squat. I was thinking it's an autoimmune disease that's flaring up, but I would think even that wo
  10. I'd recommend having it looked at by a dermatologist if you haven't already. I had a weird red lesion on my back that I thought was either from an acne cyst or a bug bite, but then a few years later the thought, "what is this? Could this be a melanoma based on the whole 'ugly ducking' method they talk about" hit me and sent me into a panic I haven't recovered from. I'm terrified to get it checked out. Had I gone in right away, I would have probably been fine either way.
  11. Over the years, I've mostly scoffed at all the various "X causes acne" claims....but this one is too clear for me to ignore. I have noticed in recent years that when I go long periods of time without eating anything that was microwaved, my acne is far more mild. And then when I resume eating microwaved food, it flares up. Has anyone else ever noticed a link?
  12. Why? If it's melanoma I'm dead anyway. Besides, I wouldn't need to see a skin expert unless it's cancer. If it wasn't cancer, there would be no reason I'd need to do anything. Benign lesions don't need anything.
  13. If I end up dying of amelanotic melanoma, acne will have played a key role. That's right, in my case, acne can literally be a life-threatening condition. I first started worrying about this lesion last year when I started thinking about melanoma and the concept of the "ugly duckling." I didn't know what this was and why it wasn't going away, but I knew I had had some acne cysts develop on my back before and thought it might be related to that. I'd ignored it for many months/a couple years, and
  14. I'm curious as to whether or not anyone else here has red marks that have lasted multiple years, rather than just several months.
  15. What thread is that? Visiting the link to the profile provided above by Green Gables, I only find one topic ever by that person. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/topic/314527-does-sebum-help-moisturize-the-skin/#entry3235534 Citing a paper saying that 'no correlation was found between sebaceous gland activity and the presence or severity of dry skin.' I do recall he frequently joined in those 'Caveman' regimen threads saying that nothing you do topically affects sebum production,. While