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  1. Red spots take a while to fade as you might know. They are becoming less and less noticable. I think within a few weeks i will be completely clear. I hope minocycline will work for you as well.
  2. Minocycline worked great for me. My doc prescpribed me to it for 6 weeks, 100mg a day. The first few weeks i didn't notice any difference but after 6 weeks (january this year) my skin was completely clear except for the red spots. Since then my skin is still clear, except for the occasional pimple.
  3. Good to hear you are almost acne-free now. I went to a beauty salon a few years ago, when my acne was very very bad. They use a hot cloth as well to open op the pores. I'm just wondering, you're not using any soap or any topicals like bp at all?
  4. First of all: Happy new year to all of you!! It's been a long time since my last update. My face almost cleared up during the last few weeks. The last two weeks no new zits popped up, I still have some red spots, but i guess they will fade within a few weeks. This was my regimen the last weeks: AM - Wash and shave using Purpose bar - After 15 min. apply Purpose moisterizer PM - Wash face with Purpose bar - Apply 1 finger worth of BP (5%) I've also been taking 100 mg Minocycline a day. My doc
  5. No I haven't experienced any weird symptoms. I wouldn't worry over your liver and other possible symptoms, just try the medication and make sure you eat something when you take it. Yes i do drink alcohol, not in an excessive way or something just a few beers when i go out in the weekend.
  6. I take one pill every 12 hrs, one right after breakfast and one at night.
  7. I have been using Minocycline for 2 1/2 weeks now. It did clear me up a little bit, and i haven't noticed any side effects. My doc didn't say anything about a liver test either, i don't think you should be worried about that drummer.
  8. I'm on day five of mincocycline and it seems to be kicking in already. I have had no new zits for a couple of days now!
  9. I'm actually still using skin products. I ran out of Neutrogena 2,5 % so i'm now using 5 % because Neutrogena isn't available here in Holand. I try to follow Dan's regimen as close as possible using the Purpose soap and moisturizer. The last weeks my face looked terrible with lots of red spots and some whiteheads and very dry, I guess this was due to the fact i used too much bp. So currently i'm using the bp only at night cause otherwise my face turns red and flaky. When my face gets used to the
  10. My doc prescribed me to Minocycline (100g a day). I read that some of you have been taking this drug. What were your experiences, did it clear you up? Did it have any major side effects?
  11. I couldn't take it anymore, went to see my doctor today. He prescribed me some minocycline. I hope this will work.
  12. Thanks for the tips Dan. I'll take a close look at my regimen and try to improve it. I used to wash my face pretty roughly but after reading the instructions and watching the video I do it very gentle, longer than a few seconds though. I slowly increased the amount of bp, at the moment i'm using two fingers worth. This is for my entire face, the main problem areas are my cheeks and jawlines.
  13. I'm going into week 5 of my regimen. My face is still pretty bad with lots of red pimples and the occasional whitehead. Altough i'm following the regimen very closely i don't see any major improvements. New pimples come and go in some sort of pattern, after they dissapear they come back in about 3-4 weeks at the exact same place. My regimen is like this: Morning -Shower -Wash and shave using the Purpose soap -wait 10 min and apply 2,5%bp -wait another 10 min and apply moisturizer Evening -wa
  14. Absolutely. Neutrogena on the spot 2.5 % works just as fine as a 5% bp gel, with less irritation.
  15. Ik geloof dat zo'n creditcard iets van 10 euro per jaar kost.