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  1. so we just put it on our face and let it dry? does it matter if we use a cleanser beforehand?
  2. okay i went to CVS and got pure aloe vera gel, it says moisutrizer but its used for sunburn cause it shows a picture of a sun on the botte lol. i tried it yesterday. i only applied it to forehead and nose didnt want to overdo it. so far it seems neutral. i wanna say it feels better but i think im fooling myself thinking this product works from day one. anyways kind of optimistic for this. ill definitily just try aloe vera gel and then if it goes well, ill combine it with lemon and see how that
  3. thanks man ill look into that. also also used lemon but ive been inconsistent with it so i couldnt see the results. you think i should put both aloe vera and lemon? haha
  4. hi sorry for the late reply but the pimple is literally stuck to my nose..its so frustrating also i got a facial which helped but everything grew back due to my oilyness.
  5. hi i have really oily skin on my nose and forhead, basically the T zone. i always wake up with my nose oily and shiny. also you can see blackheads on my nose which is embarassing. it made me lose self confidence. my forehead is full of scars like pizza face. and the pimple on my nose is dead but you can still see redness. i did read the reviews and the problem i have with this is that if you stop taking it you break out which im worried about :/. any advice?
  6. during high school i had about 4 pimples combined on the front of my nose. it was so disgusting and the fact that i had to go to school with that thing on it. well anyways i had a skin care professional pop it and thought it was going to get better. it's been 3 years and though it did get smaller, it's still noticeable and you can still see the scar, it's like a bean shape scar on my nose. i'm telling you it doesn't go away. the scar is literally stuck to my nose. my skin is oily especially on m