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  1. go to a naturopath, relax... For me abstaining ejaculation helps... Maybe its the milk, or gluten.
  2. moonbase what can you say about my breakouts... after ejaculation...( I breakout out in about 2 to 3 days after...) You think it has to do with dht.. Please explain, thankks. Honestly when i don't masterbate for a month, my skin turns out like baby skin.
  3. Day 5... people who have masterbating acne... I think our acne is something hormonal, because everytime we ejaculate and after a couple of days our acne gets better. I think something is wrong with us inside, maybe our liver isn't handling our hormones. I am going to a doctor tommorow, who understands me and will help me. I know he will help me until he finds the answer why after any type of ejaculation i get acne, and under my eyes it gets really black. When I find out I will expose it to every
  4. http://www.acne.org/messageboard/index.php/topic/47719-my-acne-program/ Day 3
  5. btw, people with this issue, go to a naturopath so they can give you some herbs or tea for your hormones to clean your blood and stabalize your hormones. FOr now avoid anything greasy and masterbate 1 time a week or turn religious.
  6. I am 16, and since the age of 12 i have had acne. Well a couple of months ago I found out that my acne was coming from masterbating. A naturopathic guy is helping me and my doctor. My acne is amazing now. Swimming helps acne so much, go to like a community centre where you can swim for a week. It seems like the more i keep abstaining from masterbating my acne keeps getting better so keep it up. The longest I have gone without wet dreams or masterbating is 34 days. Today im on day one, I couldn'
  7. i swear people who say this is a myth are honestly depending on what " researchers" tell them. Masterbating or sex or ejaculating in anyway causes acne in some people. So people who think this is a myth should stfu honestly...Just because there is no study on masterbating and acne that does not mean it does not exist.
  8. if anyone has found anything that has helped with the acne that comes from ejaculating message me please. I suffer from this too.