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  1. Faithgirl

    Gag Gag

    HAHA what a horrible topic I know. Woke up this morning feeling super queezy , like cant move around or eat kind of queezy. On an antibio for reasons best left unsaid and doc said it may make me nauseous well surprise!! Its a 5 day course twice a day ( yup thats the worst part, so just when you think you are feeling better by 3pm guess again hehe) My plans were meant to consist of going fabric shopping for curtaining for nursery, so was pretty amped for that to get an idea whats out there etc.
  2. Faithgirl

    Theres A Bun In The Oven :):)

    hehe Thanks Guys and Les, i know my body!! that bump cant be pulled in at all, but yes I think its a combo of gassiness and uterus growing:) hehehe
  3. Faithgirl

    Theres A Bun In The Oven :):)

    Aw thanks Paul U rock! hope alls going well? yeah I reckon itll calm down soon when hormones adjust lol... oh the joys
  4. Faithgirl

    Theres A Bun In The Oven :):)

    Well howdy folks, geeeeeees sorry ive been gone for like months!! think someones been hacking into my wireless and stealing my internet, each month ive had the priviledge of like a few hours internet and bam gone! hence no updates at all.... am working on this problem, so far 3 days woohoo progress! Well heres some exciting news to chew on!!!! Im almost 13 weeks pregnant! geees feels weird to say it, still a bit surreal to tell you the truth. I found out at 5 weeks and then was waiting until
  5. Faithgirl

    Happy New Year! :d

    Happy New year everyone...hope you have all being having a fabulous holiday and keeping hard at work at those new years resolutions.... Heres mine...dont have one then you cant fail hehehe lousy i know!! So Ive been having a grand holiday withd my hubby while he is off, he goes back to work on monday but it has been so nice being off together for 2 weeks. Yesterday we went to a beautiful picnic with my sister and her fiance ( they just got engaged on new years and im jealous of her gor
  6. Faithgirl

    So Far, So Good

    YAY Proud of these big steps, keep it up good chap : D
  7. Faithgirl

    Jingle Bells...

    Its the most woooondeerful tiiime of the yeeeaaarrrrrrrr... So ive literally had nothing of importance to tell you.. still actually dont hehe skins doing ok, broke out a bit since my last update but still manageable with BP and regimen. stopped taking zinc and havnt been drinking much water but otherwise im beinggood with washing properly etc. I finished my job which is just groovy, time to chill and enjoy time out with hubby. Lots of dates with friends and family o
  8. Faithgirl

    Christmas Art, Hasidic Music And Kinky Work-Outs

    Cool art and good luck on the job!/s! freekin impressive art for everyone wow...remember one yr hubby and i made picture frames for everyone..that was quite something...and then decopauged them too!talk about over achiever!
  9. Faithgirl

    100 Days! - 1 0 0

    'shame hun i know the feeling, used to have the worst relationship with my mom who used to belittle me then we would chase eachother round the room with brooms etc wanting to smack eachother, not pretty... on a more serious note.. i feel ur pain, my moms also used to be so negative... we have sorted our issues out now that im older and since we now share the same faith, but wasnt always that way so relate and feel ur pain x
  10. aaaaah stunning biscuits well done! i love baking not that im any good at it! but well done. and men and dishes just dont go together, but u knew that right?? oh and did i mention men saying theyll do something and then do it on the first time also never happens?
  11. oooooh good one, take alot here we come, can order music books etc online with free delivery oooooh Good thinking Noddy!
  12. Faithgirl

    91 Days! - Staph Infection Of My Complexion.

    Was wondering when the funny part was coming and then aaaah last couple of lines there it was! wow so impressive how gr8 ur skin looks hey compared to then...
  13. Faithgirl

    Bleh... Bleh Bleh

    So after being sick yesterday i woke up feeling alot better, the chickenbone stuck in my throat felt more like a marble today and the fever subsided so felt more alive... fever is my worst hey , knocks me out ... So I get to work (20 min late due to accident) to find that on Monday in my feverish state I had made 2 stuff ups which cost the company money... shocking i tell u ! just shocking! Booked installation for the wrong day this week so boss had to pay her own installers... and ordered
  14. Hehe Renn u are so funny! ive missed u! Stom ( Stalker om) yeah ive started shopping but just buying a few crafty things through the decor store im working at so no i have not yet faced the masses at the malls yet, however as soon as im finished working on the 15th im there like a bear~! gonna try get it done before everyone hits the shops!
  15. Faithgirl


    To view my skin when i started out on regimen - look at faithgirl1409s gallery pics, I had to recreate account as i lost passwords... but this is what skin looks like now after a few months on regimen.