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  1. Week 16: Small update, no change whatsoever No zits, oil is extremely low, skin is dry & flakey, and thats about it! I lost 1 inch on waist, though I do still drink chocolate milk from time to time heh. Had graduation ceremony, face was super clear, so thats cool too! Not much to report from doc either. I wanted to try 50-60mg, but I probaby had to pay double what I normally do, so I'll stick with 40mg until the rest of the treatment. That's it, 4 months flew by just like that heh.
  2. Week 13: Apologies for not updating sooner, was extremely busy with beginning states of starting up the new business. Anyway the doc prescribed me with 40mg, and next month I'll be trying 50mg or 60mg to see if that does anything. My skin peels a bit here & there, and I also do very very gentle exfoliating on my face. Everything's great so far. Unfortunately I wasn't able to control my sweet tooth that much, so I've been consuming sweets now for the past week or so, like chocolate milk, cook
  3. Week 10: It's almost to the 3rd month on the stuff. Mild peeling still apparent sometimes, so I either put on lotion, or gently remove the flakes. Oil is actually coming back a bit, though it's just on my nose area. Other areas that tend to get oily are dry & nice. I haven't had an ache for 2 weeks, so I guess it's improving there. I'm going to stop drinking chocolate milk haha I want to see if that does anything to my oil production. Next week I should start to see if that helps. As for th
  4. Week 8: A few things to report. Some peeling around my nose area, oil is still controlled although sometimes when I touch my nose areas (where it's most oily) it feels like touching a candle. It feels like its oily, but rubbing your fingers afterwards reveals nothing. Anyway I'm not complaining heh I experienced some mild aches around my body though... at first I thought it was something I did, but after carefully reviewing my actions of the previous few days, I didn't do any heavy lifting out
  5. Week 7: I've seen the dermatologist & received my blood test. Good news is that everything looks perfectly normal Liver stuffs are very very slightly elevated, but still within the margin of error. My triglyceride levels are however increasing a bit. I'll watch my diet carefully I suppose. He prescribed me 4 more weeks of accutane (hurray! ). He did ask me if I wanted to increase my dosage, but I declined, as 40mg was perfectly adequate I may try 50mg next month though, see what happens h
  6. No significant changes this week. There is still some peeling skin, shiny skin, & no breakouts. There is an extremely small amount of oil on my nose though, as in touching it firmly you can feel it, where when you're expecting it to be matte it's kinda not, but otherwise it's not a big deal. No muscle aches, but then again I'm not working out as much these days heh. I do feel a bit tired sometimes, but I can't say if it's from doing all the extra stuff to get my life in order, or from the me
  7. Thanks OPeggyGordon It's absolutely a godsend, I'm already on my way to living my life to the best that I can possibly make it! I'll be saving up soon, so if a few years down the line my oil should come back, I'll be ready.
  8. Another update this week - still on 40mg, and just as my dermatologist predicted, the flakiness of the skin on my face has diminished significantly! There are a few peeling flakes left, and my arms are starting to flake as well, but it's nothing my lotion cannot handle. The shine is somewhat back, though reduced by a bit. Baby powder takes care of that when I head out. Things were going so well, I decided to try consuming sweet things like a normal person would.... damn was it worth it. Unfortun
  9. An update this week - after my antibiotic ran out on Tuesday, so the rest of the week was not that great. I experienced a mild flare-up - one swollen one next to my left ear, two under my right ear, and one smack in the middle of my forehead, hah! All turned red to a degree, but all are now subsiding (thankfully). Didn't touch them even though one had an obvious "head" peeking out. Turned out to be a wise decision, as they all shrank quite fast compared to normal (within 3-4 days). Anyway I st
  10. No breakout at all. All I had were a few bumps under my skin (the stage just before it turns cystic), which would be red & swollen were it not for the antibiotic. But he did say that I could breakout in the first few weeks. They're gone now except for 2 right on my forehead. I don't know how long I'll be on it, perhaps 6-9 months. Although I'm a guy, he kept on telling me about his female customers & how they're "addicted" to it's awesome effects. Apparently 20mg is perfectly adequate fo
  11. Having had enough, I decided to bite the bullet and go visit a dermoatologist who isn't shy about prescribing accutane. I found one, but it wasn't cheap. Before describing the details, I should tell you a bit about myself. I'm in my early thirties, male, weighs 70KG (155lbs), and have had oily skin & acne since my teenagehood. The oil was ridiculous, no amount of oil-bloting paper would remove it. It was exactly as if someone splashed oil onto their hands, lathered it up, and wiped it on my
  12. I used to use Tea Tree Gel, but discontinued as it leaves some kind of layer on the skin. It resembles a peeling dried patch of skin after 2+ days & is difficult to remove.
  13. Try not shaving for 2 weeks, let your skin heal & reset whatever shaving techniques you previously used. Your facial hair should then be more than 2mm-3mm in size, good for shaving. Prior to shaving, warm your face with water, or you can shave whilst in the warm/hot shower. Shave with shaving gel/foam/cream if possible, going with the grain, and don't press too deeply. Lets see what happens.
  14. Rice has been eaten for a long time. Today the majority of the world consumes it to some degree, and I've yet to hear of some major pandemic of acne coming from those parts. The fears surrounding rice, as shown in this thread, is basically unfounded. Anecdotally I can state with absolute certainty that rice does not break me out, no matter how much of it I consume. Milk and sugar, and perhaps to some degree bread, on the other hand breaks me out within hours (small minute pustules) to days (cyst
  15. What cleanser are you using when washing your face? The shiny-but-not-oily effect I can personally confirm to the use of regular bar soap, and certain el-cheapo cleaners that are too harsh, which is why I don't use those. I eliminated it using an average & not outrageous or expensive-sounding product - Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser. You can also get that shiny-but-not-oily effect even when using good cleansers - either by over-rubbing your skin, or through the use of alcohol-based cleaners