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  1. Hi I really want to try this! I'm curious as to how your results are coming along so far? and also, does it get absorbed by the skin well, like will it leave a residue on clothing? (not that that will keep me from using it if it will heal my bacne x) just curious...lol) thanks!
  2. I really wanna try this but I'm kind of apprehensive after some google searches pointed out that there's a possible link between talc powder and cancer?? It seems to be that the consumer brand of talc is as of now unknown in it's safety but there's a lot of doctors that disagree with using it damn it looked so good too...
  3. Hello everyone, so I'm completely new to this site but I really just needed to find some support from people who know what I'm going through. I've had acne since I was about 12 and I'm now 18, really painful last couple years as it only got worse. I finally saw a dermatologist this year and she was pretty rude and kept insisting that my fears about accutane were idiotic but I don't care because I choose what extremes I'll go, not her. Anyways, she said I have moderate acne, and prescribed me som