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  1. Little update. My back acne is pretty good. Not much going there anymore. I get a few cysts on my face a few times. It's my diet that is doing It I believe. I don't know If im going to go back on accutane for a 2nd round. I'm fine right now.
  2. Alright thought I would give ya an update. Im still getting alittle acne here and there but its nothing major. Is usually after a long day at work that I might break out alittle. My back acne is totally gone. The scars are going away fast too! If I want to, I could do another round of accutane but right now im pleased with my results and its def. worth the 4 months or so I was on it. My skin just kept getting and better after the course.
  3. Face is still clear. Only thing that is left is alittle scaring from the outbreak from using tane.
  4. My face is pretty clear. Oil is still gone. My back is clear. Some blackheads but nothing brewing. I need to scrub my back real good to get the dead skin off it.
  5. Skin is improving. Looks way better then it was on tane. No breakouts. We'll see how my skin is in a few weeks.
  6. What I have noticed so far. My eyes are back to normal. They were so dry and I was used to it, but now im off tane and i noticed it drastically. My skin is getting its moisture back too. Its great to be off tane. Im pleased with the results.
  7. I think 12-18 months is crazy. I just agreed and nodded when my derm told me this lol. I am def. not waiting that long.
  8. Shit I think thats a bad idea. You should of waited till it healed.
  9. Cool, I was just going to ask this question. I asked my derm and he told me that I should wait 12-18 months before getting a tattoo because the scarring can be abnormal or something. I am going to ask some tattoo shops that had clients that were on accutane, and see how long they recommend I should wait.
  10. Alrighty, I took my last pill. So I should be regaining my moisture in my skin soon and my skin shall be less fragile? My scarring shouldn't look as bad too right? I'll keep you guys posted about my skin post accutane.
  11. I am stopping after this month. Derm said im good. I still have a few days left of pills to take.
  12. I wouldn't scrub or wash your face except with a cleanser recommended from your derm. I would use a moisturizing cream too. My face never got that red on my treatment and still is fine today.
  13. Day 106: Well I have cysts I think in the middle of my back. They are going down fast though. Other than that. Side effects are nothing to complain about. Its going to be weird to be off this soon. I'll get back to being normal and enjoying life.