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  1. Sounds like it's become inflamed because you messed with it. You are now at the fork in the road.....
  2. That Dickinsons Witch Hazel has a high alcohol content and that is an irritant for many people....at least it was for me. Made my face red and caused breakouts.
  3. Witch hazel toner w/alcohol can definitely irritate. I know from first hand experience. That was my only experience using toners so I can't offer any other alternatives.
  4. I suspect you will get better quality product and more choices from a natural store. In my experience drugstores tend to have a limited selection of organic products. Online can be a pretty good way to purchase stuff too.
  5. Acure Organics has a good line up of natural face cleansers, shampoos, body washes, etc. Not too expensive either. Take a look at their website. You can get sample sizes for some of their products by calling their customer service group.
  6. I live in Michigan and experienced the issue all weekend through Sunday night. It's now 9:40AM Mon and everything seems to look normal. I spoke too soon. The display keeps flip flopping between normal and error state. Refresh response time is so slow the site is unusable. Time to go do something else.
  7. I have been through a very similar situation as what you describe. First derm was insistent on antibacterial treatments. Kept trying them for about a year with no improvement / worsening of condition. Went to a second derm for a second opinion. Second derm did some small biopsies which confirmed the issue was fungal. Ketoconazole shampoo and oral antifungal med have pretty much cleared up my problem. You should get a second opinion from another derm. You need to know (with certainty) what is the
  8. A grocery store will have many things you can eat at a dorm and still meet your dietary requirements.
  9. The cream has reverse aging properties. If you use it at age 15 it will transform you to look like a pre-teen.
  10. Did Brad Pitt Is Maked Execution? Huh.....what does that mean.
  11. It took that long because the first derm only did a visual assessment and prescribed antibacterial treatments (doxycline, clindamycin, etc) when in reality my problem was fungal. My condition actually worsened because bacteria was wiped out, allowing fungas to thrive (the two compete for real estate on your body). After 1.5 years of this I went to a different derm for a second opinion. He did a biopsy and determined my issue was fungal. From that point it took about a year to get me cleared up.
  12. The biopsy is a wise move. That is the best way to determine if the issue is fungal or bacterial. You must know that to select the proper treatment. Using antibacterial meds on a fungal issue may very well cause the condition to worsen. I have personally been through this situation and it took 2-3 years to get it sorted out and cleared up.
  13. The Nizoral shampoo available OTC has only 1% ketoconazole. There is a prescription version of the shampoo that is 2% strength. It also has less junk in it like fragrances, surfactants, etc. I wash my scalp, face, torso with it every other day. I am prone to that folliculitis condition and it has been somewhat of a miracle product for me.
  14. I also have skin troubles that flare up when i get over heated and sweat. My derm has done a few small biopsies and diagnosed me as having two conditions: 1) Grovers disease, 2) Pityrosporum folliculitis. Try looking these up and see if they match what you are experiencing. Sweat and heat are triggers for both. The first condition is believed to be due to occluded sweat glands. It is almost like the sweat glands are partially blocked, the sweat collects in/under the skin, inflammation and small
  15. There's a product called Neosporin that works well to speed up healing of small cuts and infections. It has a shiny appearance so you are sort of stuck having to use it when you are staying in. Don't beat yourself up too badly about the picking setback....it happens. I did something similar today actually. Just get back on track again and remember the incident next time you have the urge....
  16. In the past I've tried using witch hazel as a toner but it wound up causing me to have irritation, redness, breakouts, etc. It seemed to have a high alcohol content and my skin was too sensitive to handle it.
  17. You may very well have folliculitis. It can be bacterial or fungal, and you must know which one in order to treat it. We all have bacteria and fungas on us naturally. They both compete for the same real estate and sort of keep each other in check. If you use antibacterial products (like clindamycin) on a fungal problem it will worsen it because bacteria will be killed off and will allow fungas to proliferate more. You may need to take an antifungal approach to the problem (like fluconazole oral
  18. I have found sulfur cleansers to be pretty drying. Try a sulfur soap like Grandpa's Thylox. You may have to experiment with how often to use it to get the desired result.
  19. Glad the condition is improving. Hope it stays that way.
  20. It is definitely possible that a single biopsy might miss it because it totally depends on the sample the doc chose to assess. It is also possible to have bacterial folliculitis and fungal folliculitis occurring on you at the same time. I had all of these happen to me. The doc did a first biopsy (single sample) and found bacteria that he believed was a result of occluded sweat glands. I was put on oral doxycycline, clindamyacin lotion, sodium sulfacetamide lotion (all antibacterials). These did
  21. How about wash with the H&S one or twice per week as preventative maintenance to keep the fungis at bay? That's the simplest thing that comes to mind. Everything else I can think of requires a prescription.
  22. Personally I think it's OK not to use a face moisturizer. It's one less variable in my mind. I've tried using them a number of times but have always had bad results (i.e. skin issues). I have found that if I use gentle, non-drying, non-irritating products that I don't need a moisturizer. My skin is extremely sensitive and tends to be a bit oily, which also influences my decision. My opinion, if you don't need a moisturizer than don't use. Regarding those cleansers, I wouldn't use either. My sk
  23. I also have extremely sensitive skin. BP and SA are too irritatating for me and causee to have breakouts. One thing that has helped me alot is eliminating all products with: sulfates, parabens, tallowates, soaps, oils, dyes, fragrances. I have found that sulfur based and ketoconazole based products do not irritate me. Those are only "acne" products that I use. I also use a gentle non-irritating face wash, Dickinson foaming face wash. I've had issues anytime I've tried using moisturizers on my fa
  24. I converted to being a back sleeper to avoid contact of my face with the pillow. I still change the pillow case about every three days.