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  1. AHA AHA & more AHA!!! It is the best exfoliator ever! I finally gave up on using benzoyl peroxide in the way the regimen dictates.. It was far too drying & made me just as miserable as when I had acne. About a month ago I began applying a generous amount of AHA & 5 drops of jojoba oil right after I take a shower, let it dry, and put a thin layer of BP over it. My skin is super soft & smooth and is staying more clear than it was when I was using more benzoyl peroxide. Go figure..
  2. Hi there, I can totally identify with what you're going through. I have been on the regimen a little over 3 months now and my skin has cleared up nicely, but it is very dry, very itchy, and just irritated overall. I'm not having too much trouble with redness currently, but my skin was pretty red during the first month and a half or so. From everything I have read throughout the message boards and on other websites discussing the side effects of benzoyl peroxide, what we're going through is
  3. I'm glad to hear the regimen has worked so well for you! It cleared me up really quickly too, just a few weeks. It's been 2 1/2 months, and I still get a few small blemishes here and there but nothing serious. I strongly agree with what you said about the jojoba oil.. the more the better!!! It saved my life when the dryness was at its peak. I still use it as an extra step in the regimen.. I put a thin layer on my face and apply the BP over it. Works pretty dang well. I wish you the
  4. Greetings! I felt compelled to comment on this topic since my experience with the regimen has been overall positive thus far. After going off birth control pills about a year ago, my skin went totally out of control. I had always struggled with mild to moderate acne since I was 13, but it wasn't terribly persistent and it didn't bother me to the point of locking myself in the house. While on birth control, my skin was pretty awesome. It didn't totally solve the problem but it kept things