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  1. Hey Guys! Well I took my last tablet the other day! So happy and can't believe its over! My skin is amazing, had one spot since February! Accutane has defiantly worked for me. Fingers crossed now I've stopped taking them my skin will remain clear. I will continue to update on how it goes post Accutane. Side effects: My skin is really thin, always getting cuts on my hands which I don't realise have happened, and lips are always dry and knee and elbow joints stiff and sore. But honestly
  2. Week 13 I haven't updated this log for a while. Can't believe how quickly time has gone by, about half way through the course now. Wow. Well, all in all things are pretty good. On average im getting one spot a week. They don't tend to be as angry as they used to be but still quite pusy. The only thing is the marks that are left, my face is pretty much clear now from active spots, its just all the scars (which are worse while on accutane). Im looking forward to when the course is finished and
  3. Hi Teresa sorry it's taken me so long to reply to your posts! Do you mind me asking what part of the UK you are from? Not that it makes any difference but as far as i'm aware every dermatologist should be making you have monthly check ups - not only to check on your progress and monitor any possible side effects but since there is a warning on the packet regarding pregnancy they have a duty to do a monthly pregnancy test before prescribing you your Roaccutane - as females we should only be recei
  4. Heya, well I've had one set of blood tests the other week and everything was fine, but saw the dermatology nurse and she said I wouldn't need to take another blood test until after I've finished the course in april. I wonder why they are being so relaxed about it. I've had no problems with my period, no change - accept strangly I'm not getting period pains now. Very random lol. But I hope yours comes soon and everything becomes more normal in that respect. Perhapse its just your body's way of ad
  5. Week 7 Had my first check up today with the dermatology nurse. Blood work all fine. She said because im 50kg my max dose per day would be 50mg a day, but because my face is clearing up so well now she doesn't think I need to increase the dose, as she didn't think it would make much difference to my skin but might increase side effects so didnt feel it was worth it. So, its 40mg a day for 6 months. I hope that does the trick for me. I am a bit worried it wont be enough in the long run, as I se
  6. Hey Tommy! Great news that you seem to be clearing up. Lol yup every time I say something like that I worry I've jinxed it too haha. Yeah you are right, we just need to get over the hurdles and by the end of it will be so happy. And can live life properly!!! I think its good to continue posts after treatment has finished, as I guess everyone will experience different things after the medication too... with regards to the side effects etc. I will try to do that anyway. What is Retin-A Mico?? I
  7. Are you from the uk? If so for lips best thing in my opinion is elizabeth arden 8 hour cream! It's been a god send for me. Totally works. Its quite pricey but I reckon one tube will last your whole accutane course. Its a bit of a multi-purpose cream but works wonders on dry lips. Not sure if you can get elizabeth arden in US?!
  8. Hey! Your acne sounds quite similar to mine. Im 6 weeks into my course. Just wondered, Im not having a check up until 7 weeks in (next week) and its not even with a dematologist, its with a dermatology nurse. And the next check up after that is in april next year - thats with the actual dermatologist. Does that sound normal to you? Im from the UK too and saw from your log you had a check up after a month. Got my first bloods done this week in preperation for next weeks appointment. Personally
  9. Week Five I think I jinxed myself last week by sayng I wasn't experiencing much dryness, as now my face is so dry looking and flaky. And my lips have been much drier! Shows its working I guess. The spots on my cheeks have not got any better, this may well be the inital breakout thing everyone talks about. Its really quite painful, have 4 in a row almost like a cluster on my cheek so its like double trouble, almost looks like ive been punched. Problem is, the spots on my cheek always seem t
  10. Well apart from your part Will of course I quite liked when that presenter had the different photos of acne and was asking members of the public what they thought. I do wish they had gone into a bit more detail about what causes acne and that people dont have it because they dont wash their face properly or something as I feel its quite misunderstood. My dad for example said a while ago 'its probably because you kiss the cats all the time' i mean geezzz!!!
  11. Hey Nick, Thank you for your post! Im so sorry to hear about the effects taking accutane has left you with. It sounds awful, I can't imagine how that must be. I appreciate your advice and will take it into consideration. Its not something I thought of lightly, im 30years old and still struggling with it so I've given it long enough to ride out. I guess its just got to the point where im desperate. I understand im taking a bit of a gamble. Funny how these last few weeks theres suddently been l
  12. Hi Will, how funny your on here too The show was really interesting, I think it was really well done actually, showing different sides to different treatments. You came across very well, and your skin looks amazing after that treatment!! How is your skin doing now?! It definatly seems like a much safer option to treat acne, but pricey!
  13. Hey, yeah I'll be watching it too, think it will be very interesting, although its largly about a man whos trying to get Roaccutane banned in the UK, which im currently on :s Will probably totally scare myself watching it, but will anyway.
  14. Its rubbish isn't it! Prior to Accutane yes my skin was really oily, I had to use all the mattifying products and would always need to do a lunch time 'de-oil' with blotting sheets. But after 2 or 3 weeks on accutane im not oily at all now its so nice So yeah I was wondering the same, if oiliness is permanently reduced or not?! Be so upset if I end up being just as oily after the course as before it started.
  15. Dermalogica cleansers? I used them before they were great, they do loads of different types and really mega gentle ones too. Now using cetaphil though as its cheaper,