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  1. finished approximately 2 and a half months of accutane treatment, dosage was increased to 20mg twice daily on 2nd month. And wow am I impressed with the results so far! Even my derm was like WOWWWW! Feeling heaps better with self confidence and esteem. Having the usual side effects just a lil more intense. Extremely dry lips (derm prescribe special cream for them.) Got a rash on arm, looked a bit like ring worm but was just the skin getting way too dry, and just general aches and pains and tired
  2. Day 26, nearly a month in and pretty impressed with the results so far. Skin isn't perfect, still have alot of red pigmentation from old spots and a couple of hormonal actives bit it is nearly clear and feeling really smooth. I've had quite a few compliments on how good it is looking compared to what it was aswell side effects are just the usual dry cracked lips, dry skin, a little bit of muscle ache and fatigue but nothing major. I've also noticed my nose and other areas have been going throug
  3. Day 14, two weeks in woop woop. Everything is much the same. Spending most of the day trying to refresh lips. Couple of new breakouts but hopefully nearing the end of the dreaded initial breakout. I think there is some improvement but its going to take a while for these annoying red hyper pigmentation marks to go away. Pics taken on day 14
  4. Day 12 on Accutane, isn't going too bad except for hellishly dry lips that I have to moisturize every 5 mins!! Had a couple of small side effects, much dryer lips and skin. A bit of flaking skin around mouth and chin when I wake up in the morning. Inside of nose really dry. New breakouts appearing daily but seem to be less inflamed than what they usually are. Had 4 cysts when I started treatment (2 on face and 1 in each ear lobe) which have reduced quite dramatically in size.) Also blackheads on
  5. Nah not much at all just starting to break out a bit more frequently, dry lips and bit more sensitive to the sun, but we have a pretty hot climate over here.
  6. Hi ya I'm on day 6, 20mg once a day, weigh between 49-51kg. Derm has put me on a lower dose over 6 months, which seems (according to a study) to be just as effective as a higher dose with less side effects (I hope!)
  7. On Day 6 of my Accutane journey. Have started this medication as a last resort as everything I have tried hasn't had much of an effect, and to be honest I was a little weary of taking this medication to begin with because of all the side effects. I have had acne since i was 14 but have been able to manage it with short courses of antibiotics/ birth control. About a year ago i started breaking out really bad even though I was on birth control designed to treat acne (Ginet-84 or Estelle). The acne