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  1. Week 2 (day 14) To those who care... Symptoms: Lips are extremely dry now. As well as my face. Without lotion my face would look like it was covered in snow flakes of skin... I seem to get small headaches an hour or so after taking a pill. I also seem a bit more tired than usual. Face: So those two small cysts in my temple region are finally disappearing. One was pretty big about the size of a pea. It actually formed two white heads, gross I know. But I popped it after
  2. Week 1 So just updating. I've finished 7 days as of right now. My symptoms: The usual dry lips and a slight lower back tension, this is hard to distinguish if it's from accutane or the fact that I lift quite a bit at work and play hockey a lot. Maybe a combination? My face: is...meh. Clusters below both corners of my lips are still there, a constant array of small and medium sized pimples always seems to be brewing. I got a fair sized pimple right between my eyes brows, a pla
  3. Now that I look at that picture, it really doesn't portray my acne very well. I also took that picture right as I woke up, which for some reason always makes my skin look more even. As of right now I have two fairly big pimples growing in on my temple region. The area under both corners of my lips, those little clusters are hard and deep and in typical lighting they are noticeably red. Every other week I'll get 1-2 good sized pimples on my upper lip. I'll take self-esteem and clear skin over rar
  4. Hi. My name it Tyler. I'm a 22 year old male and have suffered from acne since I was ~16. At first my acne consisted of cysts, about 1 every month, along with your typical white head and nodular acne. It was never severe but it was always persistent and enough to where someone would be like "hey this kid doesn't have a clear face". So I took all your standard antibiotics and tried all the standard topicals and nothing worked; I was miserable. So at age 19 I went on accutane. One of the best
  5. So you had mild/severe acne/cysts? And this soap helped clear that up? I was just checking the soap out and did you buy the raw form of it or the bar?
  6. I'd just like to say I'm in a similar situation as you. I did accutane for 7 months at 65mg and it cleared me up PERFECTLY for a year and half afterwards. Now two years later I'm getting moderate acne. Only around my mouth area. No more cystic acne though, its just mild persistent acne. Definitely not severe but its for sure noticeable and it makes me feel miserable. I remember the good feelings I had after my first course and I'm now considering a second course. I think I'd much rather have cle
  7. What was the severity of your acne? You see I'm currently thinking of taking a 2nd course of accutane. My first course was done when I was 19. I had mild cysticr acne and I did 65mg up to 70mg. It cleared me up PERFECT for about a year and a half. When I hit 21 I started to get moderate acne, no cystic. I'm 22 now and my acne is definitely moderate but constant. Only around the mouth though. It's mild but definitely noticable. I'm miserable right now and I remember the great feeling I had aft