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  1. After trying everything, this worked for me.

    I've been on just about every acne treatment there is, including three courses of isotretinoin (Accutane). Accutane did clear me completely but after a couple of months being off it, my acne would return, although not as bad as it had before. After my last course of accutane I was left with mild/moderate acne and I felt nothing else could work. I looked back through my treatments and realized I'd never been offered a Benzoyl Peroxide based treatment. This is the only product as far as I know tha
  2. Best of luck to you azrischneider! Glad you're starting to see small improvements, keep us posted.
  3. I don't know if it'd be right one way or another for someone here to tell you what to do in this situation. I had to wait three months to see a dermatologist in the UK when I had severe acne, which was torturous when acne had consumed me to the extent I was thinking about it every conscious moment. I'd constantly be reading about it's success rate or pulling up video logs from people who'd used it and documented their experience; so I know how frustrating it can be. I'm also of the opinion th
  4. Thank you for the advice! I'll look into the jojoba oil. Accutane is last resort here too, though, it's just that I was prescribed what felt like every existing acne treatment besides BP, which seems to be a relatively obscure acne treatment for some reason over here. Thanks very much for the alternative. My skin seems to be coping okay, but I won't turn a gentler solution down so I may give the 5% gel a go! Plus, it's nice to see there's a substitute in case of more production issues. I
  5. From what I can see I'd say it's mild/moderate, but it doesn't look severe. I can empathise with how frustrating it is to go through a host of antibiotics that have no effect, and I hope you find something that works for you soon. Accutane may be an option if nothing else is working, and whilst it does have it's side effects, it's certainly very effective. I've taken accutane in the past, and although it cleared me completely, my acne eventually came back. Have you tried Benzoyl Peroxide yet? I'
  6. Thought I'd post a quick update: I've been using about two to three pea-sized drops spread across my face before bed each night and then moisturizing in the morning. After two weeks my skin is pretty much clear. My face has no active acne, just red marks from the acne when I began the regimen. I get an occasional spot under the hair on top of my head sometimes, but they're not visible, so I'm not too concerned. I wasn't expecting these results so quickly, if at all, but it seems to be doing
  7. Hi folks! I'm a 21 year old male from Scotland, and figured I'd try logging my progress with the regimen. I'm from the UK so I can't afford to get acne.org's branded kit, so I've put together my own which I'll link at the end of the post for anyone curious. I've tried three courses of accutane in the last five years and it worked wonders on my skin - at least while I was taking it. Usually around 4-6 months after taking accutane it'd slowly creep back again until it was to a point I needed to