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  1. Thank you for the support Paigems and Megtree! 2 days until my iPledge consultation and bloodwork.
  2. Lol. OK so things to do for 30 days: 1. Hoard aquaphor
  3. Honestly, St. Ives only managed to tear open my active acne. Baking soda, or aspirin had proven to be much more effective in my past experiences.
  4. Well after nearly 10 years of acne, and many, many failed treatments, I have finally begun my 30 day wait for Accutane. Just to get everyone up to speed I am a 25 year old male who still suffers from pretty nasty inflammatory breakouts and hyper pigmentation. (will get pics up soon) through out the years I have been through 2-6 month courses of doxycyline (though I couldnt stomach Doryx) and I was also on Cephalexon for 2 years along with a plethora of topical treatments such as (duac,differin,
  5. What you say and how you feel sounds all too familiar to me. I was in that exact mindset less than one year ago. While my skin is far from perfect, its better and I have grown more comfortable with it thus far less angry.. There are treatments out there that help significantly, so remain optimistic.. May I ask what is the severity of your skin? And what have you tried so far to remedy your situation?
  6. Depends on your specific circumstance. With that said, I am currently using Duac in the morning, and Tazorac .1% in the evening. While I would consider my case of acne troubles moderate/severe, I WILL say that the the combo of the two in addition to Cephalexon 500mg twice a day has drastically improved my overall appearence and skin texture. Below I will rate the meds individually. Any other Q's just ask. Tazorac--- 9/10 Really helps smooth things out, sometimes overnight results. For more
  7. My GF actually has mild hormonal acne (mostly back) but also suffers from a skin picking issue... It does not change the way I look at her or feel about her in any way, however.... I suffer from moderate (facial) acne, scarring, and all of the glory associated with it and sometimes feel as if she is not as understanding. I guess what I am trying to say is that... From my standpoint, Id rather have somebody who truly understands what kind of impact that acne has on my personality and confidence,
  8. YESSSS! Those restless nights....I wish I could say that they were few and far between but.... I too am drawn to mirrors(wanna deny my reflection). There is nothing more disheartening than a failed treatment, but I am by no means incapacitated.. I work, I have a GF, but its just I feel theres so much I mask. As much as i wanna believe its as easy as pretending acne doesnt exist, it not. I DO believe that acne has the ability to impact a persons character until eventually it grows into your per
  9. You hit it right on the head my friend... I was always the shy reserved type, but then acne hit. I developed this offensive/defensive obnoxious personality on occasion, that I now am understanding is just one of the traits that in my opinion all stem from acne repercussions.To compensate for the insecurities I suppose. Im just trying to understand the root cause since most doctors are as oblivious to it as the rest of us. Thanks also to the previous member who answered..... "I think that often
  10. I have never posted before due to the fact that I am not exactly what you would consider a social butterfly.. I have been reading posts on this site for the past few months now, and well... I really just cant say enough about the amount of support and inspiration that I obtained through reading what others have shared about the exact hardship in which I too face in my everyday life... So Thank You All! With that said... I have a question, all responses welcome. Here it goes. For me anyways