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  1. Should I take it? LOL, my course ended a few weeks ago. Ridiculous question, I know. Hate to waste it, though
  2. No but I didn't before accutane.. just for worry about wrinkles and stuff. I'm a female so I can just match my face with my makeup so it doesn't really matter.
  3. Didnt you get burned? How are the results now? Acne free? [Edited image out] Nope, never got burned.. but the first few times I did it, I didn't stay in very long to sort of "test the waters" lol. Once I realized nothing different was happening, I continued going the full time. I had always covered my face with a towel when I wasn't wearing makeup with SPF, and continued doing that while on accutane, of course. I just finished about 2wks ago so I can't really say yet what my long-t
  4. the proper dermatological answer would be "never" lol... I tanned through my entire course
  5. All I can say is to keep on with the medicine, as hard as that is and as much as it probably seems like pointless advice. There are TONS, maybe even half, of accutane users who post on this site who were still breaking out or even worse than pre-accutane until the 3rd, 4th, 5th month etc, and some even cleared up AFTER the end of their course. Just keep on because accutane really is the best shot and getting clear and, regardless of the rep it sometimes gets on here, the truth is that it's way m
  6. When people say this-- that it doesn't come back as badly as it was before-- what does that really mean? That your skin is more like a normal person's skin, which has some oil toward the end of the day, etc., or just a slightly milder version of what you had before, which may still be extremely excessive oil production, if you were super oily before? I will definitely keep you guys posted. I haven't been able to find much on here regarding this.. I mean, people will come back and say "I'm oily
  7. Are you suggesting not washing your face? I'm confused. No, you definitely need to cleanse your face, as well as moisturize. Being on accutane doesn't mean you should totally give up on skin care. Quite the opposite.
  8. During the 5 mo I was on accutane, I developed deep laugh-line wrinkles from the base of my nose to the bottom of my mouth on either side. I previously had no wrinkles whatsoever. It happened around the 3rd month. I definitely wasn't producing oil during my course but my face never really got dry.. (although my lips did, obviously).. but I definitely attribute it to accutane and it's skin-thinning effects. However, if my oil and acne stays away, I will not complain. If the oil returns, the acne
  9. Thank you. I was on 80mg (40 twice a day) for the full 5 months. From reading this board, I see that's considered high, but this is the regimen they use on every patient and maintain that they've had great results this way. I didn't have any negative side effects, aside from the usual minor things, and have been clear since the 3rd week. Topical retinoids make my skin very red and flaky, almost burn-like, but I may have to try going back to something like that. Thanks for your reply and
  10. Let me just start by saying that, prior to my accutane course, I had the absolute oiliest skin of anyone I've ever seen in person in my life. Within 20 minutes of showering, my face would be an oil slick again. I tried everything- and I mean EVERYTHING-- nothing topical works, nothing involving my skin care routine works, no diet changes work, period. I am just a person with very large pores and extremely oily skin that cannot be maintained any other way. Fast forward to accutane.. after dea
  11. how old were you on your courses? just curious because my derm seems to believe that the older you are, the better your chances of being cured as opposed to taking it as a teenager, but i see your courses were only a year apart so i guess it really didn't matter, first course worked and second didn't, i guess...
  12. were you extremely oily pre-tane and, if so, did it come back?
  13. I just went and bought some HA supplements (they are 20mg.. that's all I could find) after spending time googling what this "crunching" noise is that I recently started hearing when I turn my head from shoulder-to-shoulder. I'm in my 5th and last month of accutane. I knew accutane had the potential to cause degenerative joint damage but upon googling my symptom, everything I find says it's osteoarthritis and I'm scared to death to think that this might be progressive, even after I finish the cou