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  1. -End of month 1- Hello again! My skin is alot better. I've noticed a change this week. I've been watching the activity of my black heads, which was the best predictor last time i was on 'tane. So far many of them have been disappearing, which is amazing news. I still have blackheads but not as many and not as relentless. The ones that are there are smaller, it seems. Dryness is noticable. Every time I use an astringent for my nose things become rather dry almost immediately. I just pile on the
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    My Spiro Log

    Hi Cheeky boy, Red marks probably take less tim because with clear skin i'm not using as manydrying products to inhibit healing. i've been on spiro for too long and have decided to do a course of accutane again. im on low dose 10mg for a year and am nearing the end of my first month of treatment. i'll be phasing out spiro in three months. on spiro there is alot less oil! on the right dosage (which, for me, was 200 mg) there is no oil. but my dr is concerned about the danger of spiro (that being,
  3. day 21 Sick with laryngitis no news, really... blackheads.. and still at 150 mg of spiro. still on yasmin. still @ 10 mg of accutane a day. i'll stop posting until i notice a change or go off spiro altogether.... only then will i truely be able to recognize the effects of accutane on its own. i hope 'tane will kick in in 3 mos.!
  4. Day 14 Skin: Perfectly Clear Side Effects- ? Have reduced my dosage to 125mg of spiro and am using garnier purifying pads at night. I think Garnier is the main reason for my being completely clear (usually little white heads pop up) in any event: my skin looks great... i just hope that when my derm pulls me off spiro in two.5 months that accutane month three will be just as clear!
  5. day 6 super dry skin on my chin today. perhaps it because i tried the new moisturizer from neostrata level two... it exfoliates.... glycolic acid never does well with my skin for some reason. great product though! perhaps tane is beginning to work?!?! i hope!
  6. Day 4 TIP For anyone out there who has had trouble swallowing accutane pills... I just have to share that putting the pill in water softens it so much and makes it easy to swallow! give it a try
  7. Hello! I had an Accutane log on here 7 years ago... you can see the link to it in my signature. It has photos of how terrible it was on the 3rd page of the log. My acne came back in 2008 almost overnight. It was really bad again, so I went on Spiro. I'm currently on 150 mg of spiro + yasmin. Spiro is wonderful, it clears my skin completely. However, I'm sick of being on drugs all the time. I hope this term of accutane will leave me free at last. Any time I miss a dose of spiro my skin flares ag
  8. forum

    My Spiro Log

    day 196- completely clear stilll....!i have to take my meds more punctually
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    My Spiro Log

    day 187- compltely clear... lesssssss blackheads lessssss pimpley stuff only very dense clogs, so dense if u squeeze alll u et is the plug and that is more like a big blackhead anyway, sorta? electrolysis is going very well... i am witing for the day when i no longer have red marks. i am going to guess at january, lol.... but i know if takes skin 6 weeks to regenerte so perhaps in 6 weeks?....november? xo!
  10. i am 100%n clear with spiro @ 150 spiro and yasmin +clindoxyl gel... i dont really even need a topical, but im a perfectionist. it took me 5 months+ but its been great and i have noticed a slight decrease in body hair also... i regret notstarting this two years ago. i think it would have changed my life just as it is starting to do. i dont need a makeup mask anymore. im ecstatic for that
  11. dad had perfect skin and mum only had a few zits during highschool both my brother and got it bad and went on accutane. in my case it is a hormone imbalance, in my brothers i dont know..
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    My Spiro Log

    day 162!!! completely clear/.... only a few blackheads on my nose to worry about. and little bumbs under the skin near my hairline at my temples- no biggie. not really inflamed at all. YAY smoeone is atually reading my crazy nonsense... thanks not myself, i am completely clear right now and using clindozyl gel as a topical and dalacin t as a astringent type thing for daytime under my moisturizr- its just one of those dab things... idont think it really does much but i use it because i am s
  13. so the other morning i woke up with glowing flawless skin and i was shocked because only two weeks ago i was getting really bad break outs. i am on month 5 or spiro and have been on yasmin for three months prior to this- i was wonderin if anyone can tell me whether the fact that i was on my last, inactive pills in the bcp package may have something to do with my being clear? isit perhaps the yasmin that was causing my body to breakout or is this just a fluke.... i really want to know about what
  14. forum

    My Spiro Log

    day 149- i woke up this morning with absolutely no acne, an hardly a blackhea to be seen. wow. i dont even understand.... is it because im ont he last 7 inactive bc pills? could th ebc pills be responsible for the breakouts and now that im off those hormones for a week my body is celebrating? oh wow im so so ecstatic about this. pps- electrolysis is going well very little hair left on my chin, progress on the bikini. ttyl
  15. forum

    My Spiro Log

    day140- zits going down but i have tons of red marks all over my fae. i had a bit of a nervous breakdown last weekend and i think this is stress related? anyway- things seem to be relaxing and i am taking my pills at approximately the same time,, give or take an hour.... im frustraed abt the recent breakout