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  1. Basically I'm pretty sure that my acne is due to hormonal reasons (it started getting really bad when I changed to a lower estrogen contraceptive pill) as opposed to dietary reasons (I have a really good diet). So I'm wondering, if my acne is infact hormonal, does doing things like drinking lots of green tea/changing diet or whatever actually make a difference? If its caused by hormones then can what I do and don't eat actually have an effect? If you see what I mean? If the problem is rooted
  2. yeah exactly! when you get a girlfriend you're going to want to have sex with her, so there's no point because you'll just get acne again right? I know you're desperately looking for a solution to acne, we all are, but this is too much of a sacrifice I think haha I've certainly seen no evidence of this connection in my boyfriend (he used to do it like 10 times a day) or myself (dunno if its the same for girls?). So it just seems pointless because even if it does work you're making a huge sacr