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  1. I took it for six months. I did clear up by almost the 4th month, and was clear from then until six weeks after my course when my acne started to appear again. It really sucks it didn't work, because I had such high hopes for it. But, on Friday night I started the acne.org regimen, I didn't think it would really work but unbelievably it has. The cysts on my cheeks have completely disappeared and it's only been three days. My skin looks as great as it did when I was on accutane. I kinda wish I
  2. Hi all. It's been a while since I've posted. So some of you know I took accutane last November for my acne. I finished my course in June. But around six weeks later my acne started to come back and it's still around even now. I thought taking accutane would help but it hasn't seemed to have done anything for my skin :/ I'm getting really depressed. What do I do? Has anyone had this happen to them too? Do I take another course or try and find something different? E
  3. Hi everyone. After much thought I have decided to discontinue my log here on acne.org due to the fact I don't think my face is 'serious' enough to make a log about, and a couple of people have PM'd me saying the same thing. I will continue to take Roaccutane, I just will not be making anymore posts. I wish everyone the best of luck with their skin journey, you know at the end of this tough road there'll be sunshine Thanks for reading and giving your advice to anyone who ever replied to this!
  4. Thanks, Paul. You seem like a really awesome, caring guy! I've seen your posts on a lot of logs and you just have the kindest words to say to everyone. Thank you again Day 37. Sorry for my outbreak the other day, and thanks to the people who sent me PM's to see if I was okay. Um, my face is looking really good actually. I have just one active on my right cheek from the other day which is starting to shrink. The rest of my face is super smooth and there's a glow to it! I'm not looking dull like
  5. Argh. I am all kinds of emotions right now - depressed, angry, upset, devastated. All thanks to me I am no longer with my boyfriend, what a great fucking start to the year. What the fuck is wrong with me!!!! Seriously, I'm just so messed up right now I don't know what I'm doing half the time. God I really do fucking hate my life. FUCK! So just wondering if I can take a Blackmores Executive Sleep Formula tablet while on accutane to help calm my mind to fall asleep so I can wake up tomorrow and s
  6. Day 33. Hello everyone. Happy new year! I hope you all had an awesome NYE - I certainly did!! .. So my skin is still doing okay, I have had a small cyst and a tiny whitehead pop up over the past couple of days, but I'm really not as fussed as I used to be whenever I got them. It's already starting to go down, so now I'm just playing the waiting game.
  7. Oh, thank you so much! Yep, the HP sucks because it's dotted all over my cheeks and very noticeable IRL. But, thank you, and good luck to you too!!
  8. Yeah, I hope so too and yes, it's wonderful! I have been running my hands over my face in the shower the past two days just feeling it, haha.
  9. Yay, that's fantastic news! I'm so glad your skin is improving!
  10. Yes, I am still using oatmeal as a cleanser. It's working really well! My skin has reacted well to it, and this past week it's been looking extremely smooth and refined (and feels it, too!) So, here are the promised pictures. I know it looks like I have actives but it's just my HP standing out.
  11. Day 28. WOW. A MONTH ALMOST DOWN! Just thought I'd say my face is 99% clear right now the 1% being a very small cyst that will definitely go within the next couple of days, so clear skin for NYE! This is definitely great news, the IB didn't last all that long, and I'm hoping I don't suffer with another breakout during my course. Will update with photos of my skin tomorrow. Hope everyone had an awesome Christmas.
  12. Yes. I have used Doxylin 50 and Akamin 50. They did absolutely nothing to my face and I was on both for 4 months at a time. I noticed my face was progressively getting worse so I came off them and started Duac which started getting my face under control. Why is that?
  13. Day 23. Well, my right side breakout has almost cleared up, except the one on my laugh line, that is still huge. My left side, unfortunately, is still bad! Why is my left always worse than my right?!?! I am hoping they shrink a little by Xmas though and my nose .. IT IS SO BLOODY SMOOTH! I can't keep rubbing it, seriously, it is SO smooth and looks so clear and clean now that those pesky blackheads have disappeared. I love it!! First sign that I am on my way to gorgeous skin at last My hai
  14. Has anyone experienced being irritated and very snappy while on Roaccutane? I am snarky sometimes but lately I've just been rude for no reason and very irritated with people :/
  15. It's not that smooth, but it definitely looks a lot better since I started using oatmeal. I think with the consistent use it just buffed away all the bad bits. Have you tried your RMH yet? Yeah I did. I tried it only once though. I think it was pretty good. However, I have to wait a bit to use it again because the eczema rashes I have on my face thanks to accutane, unless it's an allergic reaction from Jojoba but I don't think it's that . The Honey can be a bit drying if your face is already su
  16. Thank you! I can't wait Day 21. Wow, three weeks already! Time has really gone by. Nothing new to report, except I'm using 'Fruit of the Earth Aloe Vera Gel' as a spot treatment. I have used this a few months ago over my entire face but I got little whiteheads around my nose/mouth area. I really don't know if the aloe vera caused that, because I stopped using it. Anyway, I applied it two times last night (waited until the first application dried, of course) and I woke up and the cysts have redu
  17. It's not that smooth, but it definitely looks a lot better since I started using oatmeal. I think with the consistent use it just buffed away all the bad bits. Have you tried your RMH yet?
  18. Your log is going to be super interesting and fun to read! Can't wait for another update.
  19. What would be the cons of using Duac as a spot treatment? Will it interfere with Roaccutane in ANY way? Affect the way it works at the end of the course? This is vain, but I would like to have my face decent by Christmas
  20. Hi. I wish I could answer your questions but my course was cut short. I didn't get to do my whole course of Accutane. I did do a full course of Accutane prior to this one. If you'd like I could give you tips on what I've picked up on those courses. 1.) I do take contraception even without the Accutane. I think it's personal preference really. But if you are sexually active you definitely should while you're on tain. 2.) Well, I was introduced into trying out Jojoba oil from a few on here that ar
  21. I haven't personally used either, though I do want to try RMH, I found some reviews on it that may be helpful to your question. Here: http://www.makeupall...ey/0/Treatments and here: http://www.acne.org/...1190/page1.html
  22. That's great your skin is getting smoother and that they no longer hurt to touch :) and about the file upload thing, that's strange, because I just uploaded new photos then and I noticed my global upload quota is like 9.77 or something :/
  23. Just thought I'd upload a couple more photos as my skin has changed in the past couple of days. I took this earlier on in the day, which was about 8 hrs ago. As you can see they have developed a 'head'. And although you can't see it there, the two around my mouth area are starting to dry up. They have dry, flaky patches of skin developing on the tops of them, is that a good or bad thing?
  24. Sweetheart sorry to hear you're in pain right now, Its so so horrible when just washin/moisturising/sleeping = pain... I was thinking actuallly that in the last couple of days I have noticed that my HP does seem to be worse than before, I think you're right that maybe accutane does make it darker....as long as they eventually fade I don't care...PLEASE FADE!!! Or maybe its just that reading logs on here makes me think about things more, and makes me focus on things I wouldnt notice before haha..