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  1. This is really interesting , I've NEVER heard of this before but after reading this I am def going to look into it! Is there anything that has been found to kill these mites with a high success rate? Benzyl Peroxide and me don't get on but TTO should be fine. I'm going to find out all I can about this now!
  2. Hello , I'm wondering if anyone has tried topical iodine? I know for acne they often say to stay clear of iodine rich foods but I have not been able to find anything about using it topically - other than on the reviews section on this site. Whenever I've had a wound the hospitals here (UK) always wash the wound with iodine to prevent infection, it got me thinking if it would work on inflamed, open or infected acne. I've bought a low strength iodine solution made by Savlon and am going t
  3. Hello! I don't have any experiance with their Clinical range but I have had success with the Oxy Seaweed range. I'd tried lots of different salicylic acid and benzoyl peroxide products and they just became ineffective, but this seaweed range really helped with my moderate acne, and the 'on the spot' treatment in the range is great. It does get very drying after a while and I'm still on the hunt for a moisturizer to go with it!
  4. Hello all! Iv'e just bought the propolis cream from Medibee.co.uk and am really looking forward to it arriving so I can start using it! How long did it take you to notice any changes after you started using it? Have you found that the olive oil or bees wax in it has clogged pores and caused any breakouts? And do you use it like an all over face moisturizer or as a treatment just dapped on spots? Thanks!!
  5. Hello! Almost everyother treatment has failed me as well! I've been thinking about getting some propolis cream, the only kind I can see is made by Bee Health and that contains a mix of other things too :S How did you get on when you used it? Do you think it made any difference?
  6. Hello, I've used the Clinique blemish range in the past and it did nothing for me, infact I think it may have made my skin worse. I now used a mix of cleansers depending on how bad my skin it. Normally I use the oil balancing and the spotless skin by Simple as they are very gentle and don't cause dryness. For when I've got worse spots I use the Oxy seaweed range, the Oxy seaweed on the spot gel I find really good and if I put a thick dose on, the spot will have shrunk by the morning. If my skin
  7. Hello, I also suffer from stress acne but I thought that BCP could only really help hormonal acne, I know they say that the stress affects the hormones to create the acne but my friend who has tried BCP (Yasmin was the one she used I think) said it only helped her with mid month breakouts and had no effect on acne that was caused by other things. Have you tried Acccutane? lots of people seem to sware by it. The only thing I've found that works are seaweed facial washes, I guess that might be
  8. Hello! I too suffer from bad scarring as well as some acne, but the scarring is what is really really noticeable. It's nice to hear there is something in the UK that might help, so much stuff on acne.org seems only to be available in the USA. Do you have to pay for adapaliene? Iv'e never heard of it before but if it works I'm willing to go in and badger my gp for it! I've tried other things from dermatoligists and none have worked. I have found a good topical regime but I feel something stronge
  9. I have these little bumps as well , mainly on my forehead, they are like little waxy plugs I think . . .I use an exfoliator but nothing seems to work , they become even more noticeable under make up. If anyone has anything that helps with them please let me know!
  10. Hello all This is like a therapy group! I also have to confess that I am a picker too and a constant face toucher . But as off today I am stopping , I must stop. I have an important thing this weekend and I can't risk causing more acne. This is going to be so hard! I've already picked this morning before I washed and now I feel awful. I realise I also touch my skin constantly with un washed hands just to 'check' on my spots. You guys seem to be doing really well though! I don't normally la
  11. Well I've been using it for about 3 weeks and up untill this morning I would have said it was working really well, I got a bit blazay last night and put loads of moisturiser on in an attempt to reduced my scarring, instead It has clogged my poors and I have tons of new acne! This will be the real test of the product - seeing how long it takes for these to heal.
  12. Hello, I saw this for sale when I was looking for a light therapy device, in the end I chose the much much cheaper Oxy version ( doesn't seem to be doing anything) . How much has this reduced your acne? Did it really clear 81% in a day? Thanks
  13. I think England is the first country to try it , America will get it just before Christmas apparently, the blerb about it's launch doesn't mention Australia though. . It's average priced, about £4.99 per bottle which lasts me around 8 weeks.
  14. My scarring looks just like this as well, I've only one or two minor spots on my whole face by the redness makes it look like im covered in them! My dermatologist said after a year they would have gone as those layers of skin get sluffed off. No moisturiser or topical treatments seem to work and whenever I get cold of stressed the marks flush up and become really bright. Any things people discover please let me know as it's sooooo annoying!
  15. I'm aware I sound like a representative of Oxy, always going on about how great the seaweed product is and all ! But I'm honestly not , I'm just really happy I've found this stuff and it's helping my acne!