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  1. For years I had to restrict to a diet of white rice, lowfat shrimp and beef, and plain homemade wheat bread. Otherwise I had terrible cramps and couldn't be productive. Here's what allowed me to expand my diet to approximate a normal person's, with some unremarkable IBS from stuff like spicy food: Low-dose Naltrexone (LDN) Nortriptyline UDCA 1 pill per meal That's how I escaped the malnutrition trap. Now that I'm no longer hypersensitive, I can try lots of medications without getti
  2. @Nick Ryan I see similarities in your signature to my condition. And also in your engineer's mindset. FYI: White rice is fundamental to my diet. LDN was the lynchpin of my recovery. Carry on!
  3. > I plan to cut the capsules in half, as 2.2 mg seems to be in the range many clinicians use for autism, inflammatory diseases, cancer, etc. IMHO this is a bad plan. 4.5mg is the standard. You may need slightly more or significantly less, but you should determine that experimentally. Don't cut the pills in half. It's stable in a water solution for a month. You have to dissolve it anyway. Just take more or less liquid according to desired dose. If you cut the pills it will be impre
  4. > Surely we've all now concluded that any test is a waste of time No. Fecal calprotectin test added years to my life, and hugely improved quality of life.
  5. > It concludes that Naltrexone is not so risk free as I thought before, but at the other hand it can really help Considering how much difficulty sick people have merely grasping the concept of gradual dosage titration, much less correctly implementing it, plus the potential for side-effect misattribution, I'm skeptical of the gross side effect numbers. I have yet to see anyone say: "I halved the dose whenever there was trouble, but just couldn't manage to gradually build up to the normal
  6. I got around to resuming my LDN regimen and Googled it a bit to refresh my memory: 1. It lasts 30 days in the fridge. I'd thought the liquid shelf life was shorter. So I strongly recommend that only one person per country purchase and then share a few pills with all those who wish to trial it. 2. The slow dosage increase recommended in one report I saw was .5mg / week. So a 1-3 month ramp up. 3. Most obvious side effect for me of overly aggressive ramp-up is still sleep shorten
  7. Yes. Supps didn't work. Was more or less starving to death, very slowly.
  8. No, you do not inject LDN. The graduated syringe is for measurement.
  9. I was talking about LDN. I edited my post to reflect this. I wouldn't say LDN is a magic bullet for sleep. Changes to sleep are just its only noticeable effect. If you are failing to thrive and sleeping poorly as a result, then you must heal the underlying health issue before sleeping well. So you should observe CHANGES to sleep quality, but not expect a great night's sleep right away, like you would with a sleeping pill.
  10. Answering an LDN question sent by PM for benefit of all: > Did you start your initial does at 1.5mg at night? and how long did you wait to titrate your dose up and how high of a dose did you settle on? 1.5mg is WAY TOO HIGH. You dissolve the 4.5mg pill in 90ml distilled water, and have a 10 ml syringe. There's no reason to be aggressive, especially if you have a history of hypersensitivity. Start at 1 ml. Double it daily until you notice a sleep impact. Then back up off if your
  11. Hey Joseph,

    Thats great that your fine so much better, I was wondering did you have any drones issues, did that return for you as well.

    Also for the trial, what dos did you start off on?




  12. I am interested in LDN for my flushing as i am sure it is some sort of immune system problem brought on by accutane. What problems did LDN "cure" for you? How long did it take? Would LDN potentially help for something like flushing? Thanks for everything!

  13. My understanding is that I'm the first in this community to use or think about using LDN. Updated my sig with some basic LDN instructions. I would recommend that those living in the same country pool resources, have one person get an LDN script, and then that person can mail a few pills to each member. You only need a very small amount to test whether it will work, since for most of the first month you are taking much smaller than normal doses. A prescription is typically for 6 months. A
  14. Thanks for volunteering to mod, Chico. Sea of tangents is apt. Glad someone else sees the vision. I've got an unrelated major forum migration to do tonight, and plenty of work after that. My mod requirement is satisfied, so the accutane forum project has moved from "maybe" to "someday". If someone buys a Xenforo license, that will upgrade it to "< 1 week". Still cured thanks to LDN, btw. Someone mentioned night blindness; I had that at my worst due to low vitamin A.
  15. > I think a forum would be a great idea. I'm just not sure whether our community is large enough to have fill it. If one was made though, I would contribute This community leaks like a sieve due to the terrible format, and despite that it's still overcrowded. The flamewar surrounding amar is just the latest example demonstrating that this format is crippled. There's no shortage of users. What's missing are mods, leaders, people willing to invest in the project's success. Primarily,