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  1. I found the 20mg one i dropped a few days ago under the sofa yesterday. I threw it in the bin! (i'mstill on month 2 of my course).
  2. Wow. It really works. So did the marks just dissapear with time? Did u have any further treatment for scars? Do u still have noticeable bumbs and uneveness in the skin? Sorry for all the questions!
  3. Also, i wouldnt even mention accutane to the gp. Just request a referral to thr dermatologist (if you get another breakout or things get worse), explain you want to see a specialist about your condition which the gp is not being able to treat. They cant refuse you a specialist opinion on your acne. THEN the accutane will depend on your dermatologist.
  4. So you've only taken 11 20mg pills and you're wondering why it's not working????? I'd be shocked if it did anything. I've been on 30-60mgs/day for 3 months and I still have clogged pores. I think you're probably going to need a LOT higher dose in order to see results. I think he said 11 weeks not 11 pills. 20mg for 11 weeks should definitely give you results, but it's possible you're a very special case I don't know. You should post a picture, or go see your dermatologist they could help you be
  5. That's interesting to hear. Credit to you for sticking with it and making sure you got what you wanted. How did the first two GP's respond to your requests? When I asked about Accutane, my doctor said that he wouldn't refer me as the dermatologists in Sheffield only see people regarding Accutane if their acne is severe and cystic. He also said that the fact my skin responds to other treatments - regardless of whether the acne comes back afterwards - means they'd never see me. I don't know ho
  6. Amazing! You must be over the moon! Gives us hope- especially with the red marks and bumps- i just have to be patient! I'm glad to be getting the treatment on the NHS!
  7. Nice! So glad you're getting results you're happy with! Im on day 41 and want to finish!! Nearly there! And even if its another month, it's fine if it means you can be sure to remain clear!
  8. hi again! 20mg is working great for me. Ive gone up to 20mg with 40mg on alternate days for the second month. Currently have just three actives (actually, correction, 2 actives- i just rechecked). And the only side effect im getting is dryness. The clusters of cystic spots on my cheeks have gone and i can feel smoothness! The red marks and bumps/indents in their place are reducing too! And this is only day 40! Its gone fast! Hope i havent spoken too soon! Keep going! I highlighted a part of your
  9. Its just like an onion pickle type thing? Basically lots of red onions and sugar and vinegar and stuff tastes great on cheese...YUM... x x It sounds yum! I feel like im missing out not having tried it! Ive tried crisps in that flavour and they're good! Where do u get your from (im from the UK too)?
  10. Its good to see that there are people out there who dont get worse. I don't think i had a break out either and have been improving since around day 3. I'm on day 34, 20mg. I do have to up my dose to 40 alternating with 20 so it might happen then :s
  11. Its only tetracylines that they are concerned about. I was taking tetracyline so had to wait a few weeks before starting accutane. But i was put on trimithoprim for then and also whilst on accutane. You should be fine.
  12. Speak to you dermatologist- although u might be clear now, u may still not have taken it fo long enough.
  13. More please! (i wish you're blog was finished then i could read it through like a novel- with an amazingly gorgeous ending of course) And good luck ! Im one month behind on 20mg. I wish there was something to be done for those red marks!
  14. ah totally know what you mean about the hyperpigmentation making it look as though your acne hasnt improved! Have hyperpigmentation all over my cheeks but when i touch them they're so smooth but with time the redness will be gone :) Same as me. So many marks and though smoother than with acne obviously- my cheeks are a bit indented. Just starting my 2nd month on 20mg.
  15. Thanks for you reply! I am definately so happy with the progress ive seen- and so rapidly. My derm reckoned my skin would be much worse before it got worse (which it can be) but im grateful didnt happen to the extent i thought- 4weeks is amazing for no spots - or 1or 2! It feels so strange seeing that and so strange feeling my face. :) :) very pleased! I had persistant acne for years but it was mild, but in august i had a severe breakout which was progressivley getting worse- and im so gla