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  1. Holy shit, it's been years since i've been on this site. This thread is still going! xD. Man, looking at you all now makes me really hope you'll understand that acne isnt a big deal at all, and that the only thing holding you back is your lack of self confidence.
  2. Hello everyone, DID YOU MISS ME???? ...... its been a while since i posted here, and this is my final post on this forum. I simply don't have time anymore with my immense school work, plus acne doesn't affect me as much as it used to. I'm going to miss you guys, so many of you have been there for me, and without this forum i don't know where i'd be. You people made me not feel alone, gave me confidence, and ultimately made my life better. I know its corny but i will miss you all so much. I hope
  3. Are you absolutely sure? What would the cause be? Hereditary
  4. I NO LONGER CARE ABOUT ACNE. ................because something worse happened today...... I went to see my doctor, about acne as usual, and I was asking some questions. Then she stopped, looked at my hair and said something I always dreaded ........I'm going bald. ....I'm going BALD AT FUCKING 16 YEARS OLD! 16 YEARS OLD! !!! I JUST CRYED LIKE A FUCKING BABY...... I had this big speech that i was going to type in.... I'm too depressed to even type that much......idk what to say...... this is
  5. Countless times. And I when seem to be one of the youngest here. Things like "Proactive kid, that shit works". And "your neck looks like and alien staring back at me* I only ever once did something about it... In grade 10 I took art class. And there was this little douche that would constantly give me crap. Then I just snapped when he called me some name about acne but I foget what it was..... So I picked him up by the neck, threw him on the ground and started feeding him the hardest
  6. Yeup I have. I was insecure about it which is more unattractive then acne itself apparently
  7. Sigh.........nothing to report. Every things the same. Nothing has changed. Still freindless, still have shitty grades, and of course I still have a jacked up face. Lol
  8. Its a lonely road to absolution, we must walk alone.... So insecure, so depressed, so lost, so worried, so scared, so angry, so numb,
  9. Acne takes barely anything from us. YOU TAKE IT AWAY FROM YOURSELF. If you never accept that FACT you will never be at peace. There are many people living with acne that couldnt care less about it. They live full and happy lives.
  10. Having no social life has its few benefits. I'm alot more productive lol
  11. I think I speak for most of the forum when I say this..........I have no fucking idea whatsoever what you just said or what this post is even about. I'm not even sure its English.
  12. Don't worry about it. I'd do ya........DATE, I mean date you!.....whew stupid auto correct
  13. I suck so much at math and English....basically school in general