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  1. So @stillacne is correct, most people who are helped (I'm not saying cured) by accutane don't bother to post again because they don't need the support they needed before. I am one of them. I am a 43 Asian male who who has had acne since high school. Not horrible acne like a lot of other people, but still pimples almost all the time. As I got older, I had always hoped it would go away. The problem was I have always had oily skin. The kind where you could dab your face with a brown paper towe
  2. So this is a late post. I was going to skip it but wanted to keep to my journal for my records so if something abnormally goes wrong I know when it happened...positive thinking huh? So the pimple under my lip is all gone. There is very slight scarring but I have dark skin so it doesn't show too bad. Plus I have that cheesy soul patch that covers some of it. I did get a new pimple on the left side of my jawline. it started small in the beginning of the week and it didn't hurt like my norm
  3. No I didn't. I normally didn't get many spots at one time, just the big on every few weeks. I was on Trentenoin and Doxy right before Accutane so I think that helped prevent an initial breakout. I have gotten 3 decent pimples since I started Accutane but no serious breakout. Yours will get better, almost guaranteed after a few months from what I have read. Keep with it.
  4. So it's the end of the 5th week. Went to the the derm last week and blood work is normal. Talked about everything with him and he said things were going good. He upped my dose to 30mg twice a day so that I get my total by the end of the course. I am now taking Absorica which is a powder capsule. So that pimple I felt in the beginning of the week above my chin came too. It took 4 days for the thing to form but it never really grew big and angry, just a bump that I can feel the puss filled in.
  5. Yesterday was the end of my first month on Accutane. No new pustules this week. Nose, forehead, and cheeks are still pushing out blackhead type sebum. Nose was really full of them but again nothing too noticeable unless you were up close. I feel like there is one coming under my bottom lip and above my chin but I can't feel it by pressing around it, we'll see what happens. The blackheads seem to be going away slowly. The scar from week one on my nose is finally gone. So the big change th
  6. Today is 3 weeks on 40mg a day. I missed one day of my pill because I dropped it on the floor (rolled off the counter) and my Boston Terrier happened to be sitting there and gobbled it up. Good news is she suffered no complications and she is acne free! So I got one medium size pimple on the right side of the nose. It was one of those that I could feel when I scrunched my face. It took about 3 days to develop. It wasn't as red as usual because I think my nose was so dry it covered it up
  7. Grtlnd32

    Week 2 Accutane

    So it's been 2 weeks on 40mg a day. Pimple wise, I had one come in during the middle of the week. It's on the left side of my chin right under my lip. It's not too big but not really small either. It's the Goldilocks of pimples. It isn't festering like my pimples usually do. It's pretty dormant with a slight redishness but not too bad. That's the only one I have gotten this week on my face. I have had a few small ones on my back and chest but I think it's due to my heart monitor chest strap
  8. Grtlnd32

    Week 1 Accutane

    So today is the start of week 2 Accutane of 40mg a day. The first week wasn't crazy at all. Some of the results may be due to me being off of Doxy and Trentenoin so I'm not sure what is what. The pimple on the bridge of my nose never surfaced and the pain went away half way through the week. I got 2 small whiteheads, one on my upper lip that was part of a hair follicle from my excuse of a mustache and the other on the bottom corner of my nose on the left side. These were just whiteheads,
  9. Grtlnd32

    Day 3 Accutane

    So it's only been 3 days and no real big changes, to be expected. Now before I was on Accutane I would wash my face in the morning with Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser and then apply some Proactive BP. I would take 100mg Doxycycline in the AM. Then at night I would wash my face with Cetaphil and then apply Trentenoin and take another 100mg Doxycycline. I believe the Doxy kept my acne at somewhat bay and the Trentenoin kept my oiliness down but it was still oily. My main reason again to do Accu
  10. Grtlnd32

    Day 1 Accutane

    So I am a 41 year old Asian male that is starting Accutane. I do not suffer from severe or moderate acne, just very mild. So why go to the extreme with Accutane? I had moderate acne as a teen and well into my 20's. It was on and off through those years and continued into my 30's. I did Proactvie and it helped control my acne for a bit. In my late 30's though I started breaking out worse and worse. No cystic acne, just the deep pustules. Then I finally went to a derm and got on Doxy and Trentenoi
  11. I like that you are posting everyday, keeps people honest. I started Day 1 today at 40mg and of course haven't experienced anything. Waiting for the dry lips and the other weird side effects. Keep up with posting because you are ahead of me. I know everyone is different and will react differently but hearing others journey's is good to hear. Hope things work for you. By the way, did you have mild, moderate or severe acne? I have mild that has been pretty under control with Doxy and Trentenoin bu