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  1. Oh, terrific. LOL. Do you know anything about thyroid problems? When I was on Accutane, they tried to take my blood once, and my blood literally would not come out. They had the needle in my vein, and it wasn't coming out. They tried both arms, and my hand. I was just wondering if that was another symptom of a thyroid problem. I can tell you that if you are dehydrated, even minimally, it is difficult to have your blood drawn. I witnessed this alot in my clinicals with the elderly as well as che
  2. I have pics, but haven't put em up yet. I'm not quite brave enough. Kudos to you for doing it! I envy you. Thank you for the good luck wishes! Keep me posted on how ur doing, k? The rash is starting to subside! Thank you for the recommendation on the hand cream, gonna pick that up! I hate to hear that you have gone through what I have, but I it makes me feel less alone, so thank you! I am using a shampoo for dry scalp and conditioning like crazy, I guess I'll have to take the bad with the good?
  3. hello! I am going to offer up some possibilities, and ask you a couple questions that may help me help you, if thats alright. First, I don't know what products you use on your face prior to application- are you using a moisturizer? Sometimes, ingredients left on the skin from products or even soap don't mix well with our foundation choice and can cause pilling,gumminess and major slip. Also if you r using a prescription gel or lotion at night or b4 makeup can affect it too. If your skin is not
  4. Alright, maybe not as old as dirt, but far older than many on Accutane at 35 years! I started 10/28/11 at 30 mgs. I am now on 40 mg once a day for the past week. If you want to skip the hx, jump to the bottom, but ladies might relate to this history. Here it is: I really can't say I had an acne problem as a teen. I did breakout, and when I did it was always cystic. Big ,painful and blind ones that would last for a month or more. Yes, I had blackheads ,white heads and all, but not severe acne,