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  1. Omg I have been gone forever. Well since I finished my accutane course I never broke out again since then. So the battle with acne is now in the past in my life. Does any one know if the accutane sold online without a prescription is legit/real? A friend of mine wants to try it now. I hope everyone is great )
  2. Dont do it! Don't drop out of school KrisleyDogh!! This acne battle is temporary! Its great you have been proactive and went to the dermatologist. Freemimo I had an experience similar and finally started Accutane Dec 2011. It is the best thing ever! I wish I would have taken this years ago. I really hope your new regime works for you.
  3. Hey buddy!!!!! I was so busy last quarter, I just read your posts! Sounds like things are moving along! Stop with all the negative thinking, thoughts, and comments! This will lead to depression, anxiety, and low self-esteem. You are beautiful and will get more beautiful over time. Relax
  4. Hey buddy!!! How you been? I been gone since January. I was busy last quarter. I am too lazy to go back and read your log Hope all is well, and whats up with my honey??? As for my Accutane journey, its been great, a blessing. No crazy side affects. I would recommend this great poison! Hahaha... Take care.
  5. Hi Acne.org Fam!!!! Sorry I disappeared off th face of Earth lol... I was very busy last quarter. Today is DAY 110!!! Everything has been great! I am still red when I don't have powder on tho. I can't remember the last time I had a pimple or had oily skin. The cetaphil lotion and lypsyl are amazing, I will upload pics in my gallery. I missed everybody! I hope everyone has been great!!
  6. I don't know. I don't think I would of ever started using it until now that I am on Accutane. Before I would of thought it was too thick for me because my skin was oily. Its great for me now, because I use mineral powder and my skin never looks flakey, it looks healthy. Have you tried it?
  7. If you were content with your skin, why did you pursue Accutane and a derm actually even prescribe it to you??? I would go back to whoever prescribed it to you and finish the course. It just doesn't seem logical, what your doing. You remind me of myself at 19 on the patch and proactiv. Then years later I got off birth control and developed adult acne at 26. Just treat it now while your young.
  8. LOL your silly. Glad its going well. My derm told me I would stop breaking out and see improvement after the first month, so that may be the case for you too, hopefully ) Go on and get your "cuddle" on you "lovesick" man lol...keep it up buddy
  9. Does it make you breakout? Me, personally it doesn't.
  10. Cocoa Butter is a good idea...in fact they have those sticks..I think I might try that out. Just put the stick on everytime I was my hands. And I don't notice any hairloss...it just appears to be all the rage on these boards! Noone ever even mentioned it to me last time. I used head and shoulders last time, so I got it again, and so far so good. I So you do like a deep conditioner once a week? I have to learn to do that! Yeah do it, it makes my hair feel so nice and pretty hahahaha.... And
  11. Hey!!! So I got a question, what does the milk thistle do and what do you feel or notice different?
  12. Thank you!!! Yes everything is great fortunately. Dang girl your a tiny little thing, I am a while 65lbs heavier than you lol..... I doubt it wasnt too much if its your second time, you can handle this!!!!! You know what one day I had washef my hands alot and they were kinda burning and I had like 7 tiny little red bumps, I kept putting cocoa butter on and it went away. So now when I wash my hands I always put lotion on after. And I don't notice hair loss. Do you? I condition my scalp once a
  13. Lol I guess..let me know how it works for you. You should put the cinnamon sticks in the water you boil for your tea too. Just sayin lol...since you going hard on water, honey, cinammon anyway