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  1. I wanted to tell you that I can completely relate. I'm 46 and still have acne and it's very hard to deal with acne at the same time as fighting wrinkles. Wanted to let you know that you are not alone. There are some other "older", "more mature", "just been around longer" members who are going through the same thing. I
  2. Even though salacylic acid is recommended by so many experts for acne, everytime I've tried it, it has made me break out. My skin definitely does not like it at all. I've waited a year or 2 before trying it again and the same thing happens. So not everyone can tolerate it. Also it is possible to develop a sensitivity to an ingredient especially if your skin has experienced alot of irritation and inflamation since the last time you used it. It is also possible that it is not the salacylic acid
  3. My joints sound like rice krispies, Snap, crackle and pop. The aches and pains have kicked in. Knees, ankles, wrists are snapping, crackling and popping much more than they have before. Nothing debilitating, but I feel really sore and achy everyday as if I just did a really heavy workout, even though I'm working out very lightly. I anticipated this side effect hitting me more than some other people since I am older and already have a little arthritis in some of my joints, so I've been ta
  4. I actually got a mean paper cut this week on the tip of my finger pulling open one of the pill metal-paper tabs. There should be a warning for that. Maybe a big fingertip with an X through it.
  5. Why don't I listen to good advice? The TMI begins -- As I've mentioned in previous posts, I have a nervous habbit of playing with my face -- picking, peeling off flaky skin, and sometimes just touching my face in a distracted fashion (similar to someone who twirls their hair while thinking or working or watching TV). So as a pimple is starting to heal, before I know it, I've pealed off the thin layer of healing skin and then the same pimple is either bleeding or sore. I also have a
  6. Did the cortisone drops help your blurry vision? Also, did you find yourself rubbing your eyes alot because they were dry or itchy and that may have caused the irritated, bumby lower eyelids?
  7. I don't want to get you off the topic, but I'm curious at your "purge is a myth" theory. Can you elaborate on this a little or if you have already explained your point in another post, can you direct me to that. You say you can't go on another accutane regime for another year. Is that because you can't get the prescription and labwork done at a base there or because you it is recommended to wait a certain time between 1st and 2nd times on accutane?
  8. What type of eyedrops have you been using while on accutane. I find the gel type of eye hydrator works nicely during the day when I put it on in the morning and it helps me with eye sensitivity and bluriness. ( That said, of course you should also talk to your Dr. about it.)
  9. Just wanted to jump in to let you know, you are definitely not alone with how you are feeling. I'm only 38 days in, but I'm breaking out the same or worse than pre-accutane. As usual, I do better for a while, then I have my period and boom, zits, zits, zits. I'm also very tired since starting accutane like you so I am drinking quite a bit of coffee at work to keep me going. I have made a pact with myself to a large glass of water between cups of coffee and diet coke which is keeping me hydrated
  10. I've been on Isotretinoin 40mg for 1 month now and I'm getting a bunch of pimples. Before I started the pills, I didn't use any mousturizer or sunscreen because every single one I tried (and I tried a bunch) would break me out so I used to living without either. Now, I am trying to treat the dryness and keep myself safe from the sun (I live in Florida) while on Isotretinoin and I'm using CeraVe Facial Moisturizer with 15SPF in the morning and a combo of organic jojoba and Skinceauticals gel
  11. I counted my pimples on my face today and there are at least 12. The breakout started about 3 days ago and keeps coming. It looks just like my pre-accutane breakouts, but they aren't as quite as painful as they used to be. I got a taste of semi-clear skin for the first 3 weeks (I only had one, or two or three pimples at the same time), but now the acne is back. My period started and the acne came along with it on my chin, the sides of my nose and my forehead, just like it has been. I'm trying t
  12. That's the last message I wanted to hear on my voicemail the week before my 1 month accutaine appointment. I fretted all night, worrying that my pancreas was going to explode due to abnormally high triglycerides or that my liver was shriveling up on a vitamin A overdose. (exaggeration aside, I was quite worried). I finally reached Dr. Dermo's office the next afternoon after a round of phone tag and got the whole story. My bloodwork was fine (all those veggies and exercise paid off), but the
  13. I accidentally created a duplicate of my blog (same name) by pressing the ok or submit button one too many times when I was creating the first. I need to delete the 2nd one (it has not posts), but I can't find a way to do it. Does anyone know how to do it?
  14. I have a confession to make.I love dietcoke. It's one of my few vices (at least one that I'm willing to admit). I can drink a 2 liter a day easily. So since starting accutane and knowing how important it is to keep my self as hydrated as possible, I've made a pact with myself. If I want a glass of diet coke, I have to drink a full glass of water before each diet coke. That way I am assured to keep enough pure water in my system to help ease the side effects of the pills. My hubby doesn't think I
  15. The spf (15 or 30) in the moisturizer should be ok for everyday (school, work, errands), but if you are going to the beach or going somewhere where you will be out in the sun for more than 30 minutes at a time (especially March thru October), you might want to wear a water proof or resistant sunscreen instead of the mousturizer of 30 or 45. I hear alot of good things about Elta MD UV Clear SPF. You only need a special sunscreen on the areas of your body prone to acne (face, chest maybe) and the