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  1. You should't be changing to a better diet just for the Regimen. There are benefits to it for your overall health.
  2. I would suggest you come up with a good, simple, suitable for you routine and follow it for a few weeks without interruptions, no matter what. But at the same time, very important, make sure that you are busy with something else: a personal project, work, fitness... anything will do. This way you will be doing something good both for you and for your skin, instead of just concentrating all day long on your skin. I hope this helps. Laura
  3. Zinc! All the way! I would also recommend you Cod Liver Oil. Others were successful with Vitamin B5... Just make sure that you give everything at least one month.
  4. topically: If I were you I would just use some clay/calamine mask on the affected areas and then put on some benzoyl peroxide at night (for a maximum of 3 nights) and then moisturise or use a toner in the day time.
  5. Look into Lush Their "Let the good times roll" is great
  6. Yes, it does help dry skin. You should feel "refreshed" after leaving it on your skin for a few hours. In case the jojoba oil will not work 100% for you, you could give coconut oil a try. Good luck!
  7. You can get a prescription from your GP for the benzoyl peroxide cream. As for the moisturiser and cleanser, I'm not sure which would be the equivalent so you should do your own research by looking at the list of ingredients. Hope this helps a little.
  8. K Yeah, but those Enzymes aren't for acne or skin. I just listed it just so you guys can see everything I take. They're more for digestive help and stuff like heartburn, acid reflux. I just take those enzymes to help digestion and prevent stomachaches, etc.
  9. Seasons shouldn't have a big impact when using products from the Regimen, but improvements, or at least certain changes, should be noticed from the first two weeks.
  10. I could either recommend a gommage cream exfoliator (Guinot make a fairly good one) or "Let the good times roll" from Lush.
  11. I've heard that Maca can help balance hormones. I haven't tried it though so I can't recommend it.
  12. I totally support adding the Zinc Gluconate. I am currently taking 50 mg every night before sleep and I can see improvements. Besides having less breakouts, my skin also became softer and clearer.