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  1. That is good to know, thanks! Will it help with the roughness of my skin that I feel like I have? I dunno. Comparing the skin around my eyes to the skin of my cheeks makes me feel like I have really weird skin texture. Also, is this effective for icepick scars? Or would I have to do something like TCA? Sorry for all the questions.
  2. Hi, I have a bunch of icepick scars, and a few rolling scars here and there and a ton of redmarks on my cheeks. It is stressing me out to no end. I am asian, and my skin looks rough and my complexion unsightly! I really need help. I have fairly pale skin. I was wondering if lactic acid peels would help. I have done Glycolic before but I feel like I went a bit too rough and did not properly care for my skin after the peel, and I won't let that happen next time. I feel like Glyc
  3. Yup Are they like a bunch of small white dots almost like whiteheads? Because I have a ton of those too :S I feel so hopeless about them and am wondering how to treat them ><
  4. Not yet! I don't have health insurance again until 1/1/12 :( Is it darker at night or when you're sleep deprived? Usually at night it's darker I think. Sometimes it's light pinkish and othertimes it looks red-purplish I don't remember how long but at least half a year. I used to pick at it every now and then but I've stopped. Thanks for the info guys
  5. It sometimes flares up if I pick at it and gets bigger, but i never seems to actually go away! There's always a bump! It's reddish. Darkness depends on time of day. Can anyone give me any advice?
  6. I have some scarring on my lower back as well =( though not as raised or red as yours. I hope we find treatments soon
  7. Your skin is fine. I honestly don't really see anything to worry about.