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  1. I haven't really updated lately.... I don't break out as often anymore.. I just have a lot of scars I've always had them though. I had an appointment with my dermatologist today, this is my last month of accutane, he did not prescribe me anymore... I am kind of disappointed
  2. ady19

    Pill 47

    Hi guys, Sorry I've been kind of depressed lately; it's not Accutane related, you see my boyfriend of over four years has left me and I'm just so sad. Well I haven't had any new symptoms or anything new.... My lips have been chapped, I'm extremely thirsty, back pain, and my hands are a little dry. I'll update later, thanks for ya'lls time:)
  3. ady19

    Pill 41

    Hello! Well I am now up to 41 Pills, nothing major has happened, that I've noticed. I just get really thirsty and my hands get dry. Well that is all for today! Goodbye All.
  4. ady19

    Pill 35

    Well I have now taken 35 pills of Accutane; the last five have been with the new dosage... So far I haven't noticed anything different, except for a new pimple on my face... I have a lot of scars left on my face from my previous acne scars. I have noticed that I have been having trouble getting a full breath of air; I'm not sure if that is Accutane related? Also, I am extremely thirsty and my lips get chapped easily. Luckily, I use chapstick all the time! I have been depressed late
  5. Hello everyone, I haven't posted because, unfortuantely I missed the deadline to fullfill my prescription; so I had to do a lot of extra steps to get it prescriped again. Well I am now taking 40mg off Accutane a day.... Today I took my pill, all feels great! Well there is not much to say. I hope you all have a Happy New Year.
  6. Hello everyone! I have been EXTREMELY BUSY these last couple of days, so I haven't had time to document my continuing experience. Well as of now, I have taken 29 pills of Accutane (due to my busy-ness I had to skip a few days). Currently, I have not experienced anything major. I do experience pain in my joints, also I am always thirsty! My lips are chapped and my hands are too a little. Nothing else has changed. Although, I had to do a blood test to check on my liver, which I won't find ou
  7. Hey guys! Sorry I haven't been updating in the last few days, I've just been really busy...I have no responses, so I am assuming that no one cares lol.. Well I have taken 21 pills of accutane already, I actually have an appt. with the dermatologist tomorrow! Lately, I've been having back pain like crazy!! I HATE it, it hurts so bad I have a new pimple, nothing major though.. My lips are chapped, but I carrry chapstick Yesterday, I was kind of cranky, lol I'm not sure if th
  8. Well hey guys! As of today I have taken 16 pills of accutane I'm only taking 20mg a day, once a day though! My lips have been chapped, but it's manageable....Also my back has been hurting me for the last few days and I feel exhausted! I'm not sure if the exhaustion comes directly from Accutane since I've been really busy lately, and I haven't been sleeping a lot... Also, in one of my other blogs I mentioned that I had a new pimple, well it's gone... Unfortunately, I have developed anot
  9. Hello. I hope you all had a fantastic Thanksgiving and a money-saving Black Friday. As of for days 11-13, nothing new has really happened. I noticed that I have one new pimple, but it's nothing major, it's tiny! Also my lips have been getting chapped, but it's nothing I can't handle. My hands have also began to get dry and so has my face, again, nothing major that can't be handled.... That is all for now! Have a great night!
  10. ady19

    Day 10

    Hello. Well apparently I have taken my tenth pill of Accutane today! Yay! Well I haven't really noticed any change yet, regarding the expected IB... My lips have been getting chapped as of yesterday, but it's nothing major. Chap stick can handle it! I just noticed that I haven't really mention how my acne conditions are, so I will do so. I actually just have scars on my face and a couple of holes on my skins because of acne I also suffer from black heads.... I've tried everything, and
  11. Hello. Day 7: Nothing out of the ordinary.....BTW I'm only taking 20mg of accutane a day. Day 8: My lips are beginning to get chapped, they are not that bad yet THANK GOD!
  12. Hi guys. I'm exhausted and my vision is a little blurry... Day 5 Great day! Felt a little sick for a while (headache, nauseas), but I went out with my friends and ended up feeling fine overall. Day 6 I'm tired.... Nothing new. No chapped lips, or IB yet... Headache I'm only on 20mg a day, I believe!
  13. Hi guys, Day 3: Nothing out of the ordinary, usual day. Day 4: It was a great day until now... I'm very sad; acne has ruined my life I cannot wait to finally defeat it... I just want to cry... (I do not think I feel this way because of accutane). Goodnight.
  14. why hello there . . . Sadly, I've been suffering with acne since I was in the sixth grade (that's when it all began). Now I'm a freshman in college and I still suffer from it.There's not much I can say, besides I hate acne. It ruined my life. I hate it, I hate it, I hate it. I'm getting teary-eyed writing this, acne isn't a joke. It makes you miserable, it brings depression into your life. Everyone see's me as a happy person and I am; but they don't know how bad acne has depressed me. I ha