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  1. Hi, I've been on the regimen for 7 weeks with great results but I have some tiny bumps on my cheeks and around my mouth that sometimes get infected and transform into pimples. can you advice me a treatment for those tiny bumps? Thanks
  2. the egg white mask is working great for me!!! can i do it twice a day (afternoon and evening) ?
  3. currently i'm using a dove bar to wash my face and it works very well. i'm thinking about replacing it in the evening with the dove gentle exfoliating bar so i can wash and exfoliate at the same time, is it a good idea? Have you tried this product? Thanks
  4. Thanks keeley1, I think l'oreal pure zone and garnier pure A are available here too but i'm going to buy oil of olaz complete or total effects 7x because I heard a lot of good about them. Have you tried them? I had some breakouts in the last few days, is the extreme dryness of the skin causing them? Should I use less bp until my skin will get better? i'm afraid i will get a lot of breakouts if I reduce the amount of bp Thanks
  5. I've been on the regimen for 3 weeks and it is great! I had moderate acne and now i have some pimple here and there but my skin has been very-very dry since i start using the full amount of bp and i don't want to use less bp because using more bp helped a lot. I think i'm not using a good moisturizer (one made from my local pharmacy) and tomorrow i'm going to buy a new one. here in Italy i can't find the products dan reccomends and i'm going to buy nivea all day aqua or oil of olaz complete. T
  6. I haven't had dryness or redness for 3 days but now i'm on the 4th day and my skin is getting dry around my chin and i'm getting some little whiteheads on my cheeks. when I wash my face with the cleanser(it says it's for sensitive skin and for acne-prone skin) my skin get a bit drier but not that much that the moisturizer can't control. is it normal? Thanks
  7. I have red marks from old acne that are fading away very quickly. should I expect the red marks to get darker when i'll start using bp? Thanks
  8. i used benzoyl peroxide 5% about a year ago but it didn't work very well because my dermatologist told me to use it with a retin-a cream causing a lot of irritation and dryness that aggravated my acne. i have been using erytromicin for several months and now i have a mild/moderate acne. now i want to use benzoyl peroxide following the regimen. will my skin get red and itchy the first weeks or is it already used to bp even if i used it a year ago? Thanks Peter