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  1. i just finished my course, and despite my best attempt to not drink...I think I actually drank more during my course than any other 5 month snapshot of my life. My bloodwork came back normal each month and I didn't notice any adverse effects physically, except getting buzzed quicker than normal. That said - I think you should be OK to drink and continue to take your meds for a couple of days - just don't do what I did and have a 5 month bender.
  2. Hey girl - good luck on your course! I see youre from Seattle, I grew up in Spokane (now living in Alaska) but am very familiar with the Seattle area, I miss it there a lot! I'm 5'10, 150 and i took a full 5 month course at 80mg/day. I was worried about my doseage too, but to be honest...I'm so glad I was prescribed that. Not only were my results quick, I am well, well over the recommended doseage so my chances of relapse should be less. I didn't suffer from any crazy side effects and am now 5
  3. 5 days post Tane - well, i haven't posted in ages because there really hasn't been much going on. I'm done with my 5 month treatment. At 80mg/day i finished at 176.5mg/kg so I have better knocked it all out of me with such a high doseage!! Overall, my experience was a cake walk. I never really experienced the joint pain, i never had any crazy depression or suicidal thoughts that people try and scare you away with...my skin just kept improving every day. Obviously the dry lips and peeling skin
  4. wow! I'm so jealous that your chapstick usage is tapering off! I swear, I'm on day...130 something, 20 days to go..and I have to put neosporin on my lips every night and put chapstick on all day, everyday. I can't wait to be done! Congrats on the clear skin
  5. my god woman! your skin looks amazing! congratulations - so happy to see post-tane updates like this. good for you!
  6. I'm curious to this also - I'm finishing 5 months (well - closer to probably 5 1/2 months since I've missed so many pills recently) in 20 days. I'm beyond excited but also a bit nervous to see how my skin will react.
  7. Yep! Number 6 for me too - mine felt like a little ball under there, it was hard like a chewed piece of gum or something. It didn't hurt when I pushed on it like the ones under my jaw do when I'm sick - I notice that it swells up from time to time but always goes away after about a week.
  8. Carmex by the bucket. I bought ten tubes and keep them in all of my coat pockets, in my car, on my work keyboard....I adore it
  9. I'm about a week behind you in my course and I have the same lump! I wouldn't stress - mine went away after about a week congrats on finishing! I still have 3 weeks left - man I cant wait to be done!!
  10. My face peels like a mofo - I am also on 80mg/day - only for 30 more days! I found that aquafor wasn't that helpful in actually healing my lips, it just kept them from cracking. I use carmex now like its crack. Also - i use a heavy duty lotion that was formulated at a local hospital (ask your derm if they can prescribe you a jar....most places will have this apparently, although I'd never heard it) and I cover my lips in that before I go to bed and then cover that with carmex and I'm good as
  11. Day 120! Yay - one more month. I pretty much haven't had any pimples for months now - my face is still really flushed and I hope that goes away. My derm prescribed me some specially formulated lotion that was made at the hospital and that has helped immensly with the dryness and with the scaley patches on my arms and hands. Other than that - not much to update. I keep forgetting to take pictures!
  12. Your acne is fairly mild so accutane should hopefully clear you up for good - good luck!
  13. I'd bet anything it's a weird reaction to dry skin or ingrown hairs due to your dry skin blocking the hair follicles. Get some body scrub (the really gritty kind in the jars), or some sea salt and mix with your body wash and start exfoliating every few days and see if it diminishes.
  14. Day....96? Not much to report - haven't ha a pimple in about a month and my skin is gloriously smooth and lacking any oil....man I'm going to miss the utter lack of oil. I went to the chiropractor yesterday and had to put my face down on the table with a sheet similar to a toilet seat protector - in the past I would have left an entire face shaped print from the oil, there was not trace of oil to be found. Glorious! My only complaint continues to be my red face. It's especially bad close