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  1. So, my dermatologist increased my dosage to 30mg a day from 10mg a day. They still gave me the 10mg capsules though. Should I take the three capsules all at once, or should I spread it out over the day?
  2. How long does it take to get your first supply of accutane? My dermatologist agreed to put me on the medication on Jan. 13th. It is now the 31st and I still don't haven't started taking it because my pharmacy doesn't have my prescription ready. What is the hold up?
  3. He gave me some type of pamphlet that did include three cards. I read that thing cover to cover, but I still am not sure how to register for iPledge. Help?!
  4. Hello. My dermatologist finally agreed to put me on Accutane (THANK GOD). I have a question about iPledge though. How do I register? Am I supposed to wait to get a password in the mail or something?
  5. Hi. I should probably start with a little intro. I'm Clark, 21 y/o, and I've had acne for about 6 years. My acne isn't severe, but it's VERY persistent. Also, my face is unforgivably oily and it just looks like it's in bad shape. I scar very easily and it's just completely destroyed my self-image. So, I started seeing my dermatologist in October, but he has me on a regimen on Retin-A and clindamycin. He also put me on antibiotics (minocycline). I've told him that topical treatments don't do anyt