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  1. While I'm sure plenty of people find me ugly, I've never been flat-out told this. Many people actually tell me I'm pretty. It doesn't matter how many do though as long as you don't believe it. I have painfully low self-esteem and it's hard to accept a compliment because I honestly don't believe them. People think you're just being modest, but that's not the case at all.
  2. I can only speak about what I see in my own environment, but I know tons of guys with servere acne who are in happy relationships. Girls? Not so much. I think guys are really underestimating what us girls go through.
  3. Eh, doesn't Dan state that after like 2 months your marks are supposed to fade? My marks look the same I think. I'm now only applying the BP to active pimples. It dries out my skin way too much.
  4. My mom has looked for Eucerin Skin Renewal EVERYWHERE and they don't have it. I live in Florida, so it's not like I'm outside of the U.S. Any other good moisturizers that will really leave my skin soft? Also, my skin looks like I'm peeling from a sunburn or something. It's THAT bad. I'm using a 5% BP (only one I have) but only once a day. I'm also moisturizing a lot, but it doesn't seem to be working. I love the idea of being clear and I know how good BP is but walking around looking like a fla
  5. I've heard many people on this forum rave about a particular MAC foundation and i'd like to order it. Is it the MAC Studio Finish Matte foundation that most people use?
  6. Hmmm. Mineral makeup is so chalky looking on my skin. I was definitely dissapointed when I ordered samples. I want something that makes my skin looked smooth and moisturized and mineral makeup definitely didn't achieve that look.
  7. I think you're adorable. From what I can see from your avatar which is basically your facial profile, that is. Stay strong. Also remember to look at those suffering from terminal illnesses and other things which they have no hope of curing. I know it's human nature to compare ourselves with those who have it better than us, but it's important to keep things in perspective.
  8. LoL. I was hoping for some more helpful responses. I'm sure somebody here must know...
  9. ...that red marks tend to last longer on some people? I have plenty of friends that have gotten huge, cyst-like pimples and a week later there's no mark there. My marks, on the other hand, seem to last forever. I guess my skin just doesn't scar well, but I'd like to know the scientific reason behind this.
  10. The fact that some people break out badly and are then left with 0 red marks.... pisses me off. My red marks are mainly on the side of my face and can usually be covered with makeup. My cheeks are crystal clear though, thank God.
  11. I have dark circles too and I'm fair-skinned, which makes it worse. I only find treatments for BAGS, however and this is not my problem. It's solely the dark circles. I think this thread deterred as well. There's a difference between dark circles and bags under the eyes.
  12. Buy some aloe-vera gel. It's good for red marks and burns.